10 Plants Perfect for Every Employee Personality
Corporate gifting is an essential part of any successful business. It’s a fantastic way to connect and interact with your employees outside typical workplace conversations. Building stronger and closer professional relationships with your employees benefits both parties. Your corporate gift will show that you value and appreciate their lasting contributions to the business. Employee gifting, if done the right way, can help increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty leading to higher levels of productivity and ROI.

The proper etiquette of corporate gift-giving has been a tad confusing over the past few years due to the ever-changing policies rooted in rapidly changing cultural norms. It is crucial to remember the principles of respect when giving corporate gifts (you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or get into serious legal trouble). Play by the rules, be respectful, mindful, and understanding of your employees’ interests. Check if your company has an employee gift policy that can help outline the proper code of conduct for giving or receiving gifts!

Corporate gifts can still be fun, even with all the rules, especially when gifting plants. Plants have their own meanings and personality that can fit every employee in the office. Plants are like people, and people are like plants. Some plants and people are just like kindred spirits. The idea of a kindred spirit is similar to that of a soulmate or twin flame. It’s the connection of having similar values and interests. To keep it simple, it’s like you have found a special kind of bond of friendship that can be treasured for a lifetime.

In the workplace, there can be so many diverse personalities. From being the leader, influencer, supporter, or analyst, there is a plant that can match any workplace personality. Even plants emit these same types of characteristics amongst one another. Gifting plants that align with their personalities, interests, and tastes is a thoughtful corporate gift idea. Their plant sitting on their desks can promote positive feelings and allow them to take pride in their office space and work. Their plant can remind them of all the hard work they put in day in and day out!

Thanks to Jennifer Herrity’s article 10 Workplace Personalities (And How To Work With Each), we can match work personalities to plants! We’ve curated some fun plant corporate gift ideas for every type of employee to get you started.

1. The analyst: Variegated Spider Plant Reverse

Fiercely independent, the analyst is a logical, busy, organized, and neat worker who likes to work within boundaries and designated structures. They are focus-driven with their critical thinking and are very strategic in their work approach. The spider plant is an excellent example of an analyst. This spiky lime green plant will instantly bring attitude to the office. Their low-maintenance nature makes them an excellent corporate gift idea for busy workers that want to keep their focus on work. They are an beautiful addition to any office, bringing a pop of color to any employee’s workspace.

2. The climber: Golden Pothos

As the name suggests, this employee is an ambitious team member ready to grow their career and climb the corporate ladder. Their inexplicable ability to rise in the ranks is like Everyone’s Favorite Golden Pothos. The golden pothos is a finely attuned plant to its surroundings and loves to vine (up or down) to see what else is happening in its space. They love to go above and beyond expectations when climbing but still need others to lean on. A pothos won’t mount on its own, so leaning on others is still essential to reach their levels of success. This corporate gift is the perfect gift to lean on during stressful times at work.

3. The illusionist: Maranta Red Prayer Plant

Illusionists are the chameleons of the workplace. These office employees are quick-thinkers and like to portray themselves as a preferable personality type. They excel at making it appear that their contributions to the company are more significant than they actually are. However, still, everyone loves them because of their fascinating abilities. Interestingly, the Maranta Red Prayer plant fits perfectly into this mold. With the prayer plant’s agile and nimble ways, this plant will be a perfect illusionist in the workplace. This plant’s leaves are constantly moving during the day, however, at a prolonged rate, giving you the illusion that they aren’t moving at all. They are the most dramatic plant that is sneaky when it shifts up in a vertical “praying hand” position in the evening. Prayer plants are a great corporate gift to have your office amazed by this little magician plant!

4. The individualist: Swiss Cheese Monstera


Individualists shed light on the workplace with their ideas, thoughts, and contributions. They are out-of-the-box thinkers who do their best when they handle their own responsibilities in their own way. The Swiss Cheese Monstera is a perfect example of this because of its unique growing approach. There are few plants like this one. With their holey leaves, they have an individualistic look at surviving that most other plants don’t have. Their leaf area serves a surprising purpose to spread out to more significant areas without needing to use its energy to grow another leaf. This individualist plant just knows how to reap the benefits without using too much energy! Let employees be themselves to show their unique ideas, just like this plant does. This plant is a great corporate gift idea for individualistic thinkers.

5. The motivator: Cordyline Glauca Good Luck Plant

A motivator is a driven employee who pushes themselves and others around them to accomplish their work and go past the boundaries. These are the dream chasers or the “big picture” type of guy with a high ego drive. Their personality makes them very popular with their friends, always wanting them around, just like the Cordyline Glauca Good Luck Plant. This plant is an attractive, low-maintenance plant that is always wishing for good luck for others while still thinking about itself. This plant is wishing for luck and constantly pushing itself to grow to taller heights. Let your employees know that they are the good luck charm in the office with this corporate gift!

6. The people-pleaser: Money Tree

Every office has that one guy who is trying to have everyone love them. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the people-pleasing Money Tree. In the workplace, these people-pleaser employees want to build camaraderie and help others regardless of how much work may be piled up on their desks. Just like these employees, money trees are the same way. Many people have chosen money trees because of their never-ending luck to help people with wishes of prosperity, success, and nobility. This good energy plant is a crowd favorite that can live on any desk or tabletop as the perfect business gift that is sure to bring beneficial relationships among employees in the workplace.

7. The perfectionist: Maidenhair Fern

These professionals aim to deliver their best possible work at all times, no matter the circumstances. Perfectionists like to pay attention to every detail and go the extra mile to ensure everything is in line with their expectations. Perfectionism is a double-edged sword, just like the Maidenhair Fern. This beauty of a plant is full of bright ideas and delicate lace-like fronds with a lot of attention to detail. The leaflets of this fern are always looking for perfect conditions to thrive in, making it the ideal duo for the perfectionist in the office. These two can help each other find the right balance between attention to detail and quality of life. Give the perfectionist this perfect business gift to make them the perfect plant and person duo!

8. The performer: Bird of Paradise

Performers love to have fun and be the center of attention. They were born for the spotlight. They are typically the ones who bring excitement and vibrancy into the work atmosphere with their talkative nature. Their outgoing personality often has them described as the life of the party, just like the Bird of Paradise. Birds of Paradise are stunning, dramatic-looking, and highly energetic plants. Their showy flowers resemble a bird in flight and give them their name. This plant gets all the attention in the plant world because of its vibrant colors and display. So why not bring the office to life with this fun corporate gift!

9. The worrier: Aloe


The worriers are the overthinkers in the office. They often seem stressed about upcoming deadlines or the quality of work they deliver to you. It’s essential to help these people to let them know that you’re here for them no matter what. Aloe Vera is the perfect desk buddy to let them know everything will be okay. Aloe Vera is the ideal lending plant that helps the worriers in life that there is always a solution for everything! Many people use Aloe Vera as a remedy for many things in life, like health benefits. This corporate gift idea will be the perfect lending hand to your office worriers.

10. The upward worker: Zeylanica Snake Plant



The upward worker is a hard worker. They are always dependable and hold great pride in their work. Their perseverance outranks their peers at a whole new level. The sturdy Zeylanica Snake Plant is an excellent example of a diligent worker. The sturdy stature of this plant demonstrates the durability of its personality. Snake plants are hard-working plants that are virtually indestructible. They are the plant that thrives no matter what you may throw at them (not literally). Their robust and bold personality makes a great corporate gift for those hard-working employees you want to show appreciation to.

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