7 Perfect Plants for Low-Light Spaces

Finding the right indoor houseplants can be challenging, especially when dealing with low-sunlight rooms. Anyone living in an apartment with sparse windows or trying to junglify a windowless room are closely acquainted with low-light woes. Many popular houseplants require a lot of light to thrive, which can make it difficult to find options that will do well in these shaded areas of your home. Searching for options for these spaces can be disheartening at first, however, there are still plenty of options available for those who are looking for indoor plants that can survive and even thrive in low light!

For reference, low light rooms are considered rooms that only have North-facing windows, partially shielded windows, or no windows. Plants will need some light to survive, but if you have a no-windowed room you can supplement them with artificial lighting to help them survive! Read on to see our suggestions for these stubborn, low-light rooms!



1. Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm

The Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm, also known as the Bella Palm, is a popular indoor plant due to its ability to thrive in low light conditions and because it is a pet-safe plant. Its delicate, feathery fronds create a lush, tropical feel in any room, and it requires minimal maintenance, making it a great choice for those who may not have a green thumb. Eventually, these palms can grow to be about 4' indoors.


2. ZZ Plant


The ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is a hardy plant that can tolerate low light levels and infrequent watering, making it a great option for a desk or office setting. Additionally, the ZZ Plant has glossy, dark green leaves that are attractive and can help to purify the air. These plants are tough as nails, which makes them a popular pick for really tricky low-light spaces.


3. Ruby Rubber Tree


The Ruby Rubber Tree is another great option for low-light homes. The beautiful coloring on the leaves makes it a show-stopper for any room, and it can thrive in a variety of lighting conditions. It does best with more light but can handle low-light situations. Ruby Rubber Trees are also drought-tolerant, meaning they can go for a long time without water. The larger leaves make this a great option for taking up space in a room, and with enough lighting, this plant can grow quite tall!

4. Ferns


Ferns are unique houseplants because of their distinctive leaf structure called a frond, which is divided into smaller leaflets. Many fern species are able to tolerate low light conditions, making them well-suited to indoor environments. Some examples that we recommend are the Boston Fern, Lemon Button FernMaidenhair Fern, and the Bird's Nest Fern. With that being said, they prefer high-humidity rooms, so find a corner of your bathroom for them to live in or add a humidifier to their space!


5. Snake Plants


Snake Plants are known for their ability to thrive in low-light conditions, and they are also extremely low maintenance. These plants are the perfect solution for people who don't have a ton of time for plant care, but want something unique! Snake Plants grow unique, architectural leaves that come in a large variety of colors and designs. From variegated, lighter leaves to stouter, darker leaves, there is something for everyone in the snake plant family!


6. Syngoniums


Syngonium is a genus of tropical perennial plants. They are commonly known as Arrowhead plants and have green leaves that are often variegated with white, pink, or cream. The variety of colors they come in make them extremely fun to collect! They are easy to care for and are totally fine with low-light conditions, but do prefer high humidity and well-drained soil.

7. Bromeliads


Bromeliads are tropical houseplants that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are known for their beautiful, tropically colored flowers and leaves structures. Some popular types of bromeliads include the Pineapple, the Guzmania, the Pink Aechmea, and the Neoregelia. They are generally easy to care for, and many species can be grown happily in low-light conditions.

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