Nurtured Plants

Fill your home with flowers

One of the biggest rewards of having green thumbs is watching new foliage growth. Our blooming house plants make this even better, with gorgeous blossoms in vibrant shades. It only takes a little extra effort to reap the benefits. For example, the flamingo flower just needs the right levels of light and water to burst with striking flowers in shades of pink, red, and purple. Another more muted option is the peace lily, with its vibrant white petals.

Discover our medium care house plants bundles

Our plant bundles are a quick and easy way to build your collection. Rather than spending time selecting different plants, we've let our experts curate ones that belong together. Choose from bundles like spiky spider plants and flamboyant peacock plants, or tropical combinations featuring foliage and flowers. Each bundle has been curated to give you the ultimate combination of shapes and colors. Keep them grouped together, or spread them around your home. Just pay attention to their needs — these plants are a little less forgiving than our easy-care collection.

Big or small, we've got mid-level plants for every space

Maybe you want to start with a little tabletop plant before moving up in size, or maybe you're confident enough to start caring for a larger floor plant. Either way, our medium care house plants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We've got some truly outstanding trees and shrubs with delicate canopies to brighten up your living space, as well as cute little potted plants like the croton petra to bring some color to your windowsills. This plant is seriously outstanding — give it enough light, and its foliage will transform into a rainbow of red, pink, and yellow.

Find your new favorite house plant

As well as stocking on-trend plants like split-leaf philodendrons and timeless classics like peace lilies, we also aim to discover the coolest new plants. Check back regularly for quirky shrubs and eye-catching tropicals. They might need a little extra care but believe us, they're worth it.