Westringia - Coastal Rosemary

Westringia fruticosa

Size: Small
Pot: Eco Planter

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  • Safe for pets

  • Benefits from a green thumb

Enjoy the Westringia fruticusa 'Blue Gem' (Coastal Rosemary) in even the toughest spots within your landscape. It has evergreen whirled leaves, and showy blueish purple flowers produce prolific blooms. This low maintenance plant will attract all the pollinators to your garden with its long blooming season.
Plant - Westringia - Coastal Rosemary
Plant - Westringia - Coastal Rosemary

About Westringia - Coastal Rosemary

The Blue Gem Westringia is an excellent plant for Mediterranean and rustic garden styles. The foliage is gray-green, and the bluish-purple flowers bloom in the spring, making it the perfect hedge for privacy. It grows in a rounded shape and can reach 6-7 feet tall and 6 feet wide—best of all, it's a perfect xeriscaping plant when established.

Care Level: Green thumb

Easy for beginners and loved by all gardeners.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Non-toxic to animals

Light: High

Full sun (6-8 hours) to part sun (4-6 hours)

Water: Low

Water the first year to get it established in the landscape. Once established, water when the soil is dry; more often in extreme heat.

Humidity: Low to High

Tolerant of low to high humidity.

Air Quality: Excellent

Helps remove airborne chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, xylene and toluene.
Plant - Westringia - Coastal Rosemary

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for spaces with high humidity environment or climate
  • Great for spaces with higher ceilings
  • Great for space with a range of low to high indirect light
  • Great for spaces with medium indirect light

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