Calla Lilies: Questions & Answers

Calla Lillies Are A Natural Attraction

Contrary to its name, the calla lilies bulbs for delivery in our collection are not true lilies. We
know the magic and beauty of these flower bulbs for delivery will captivate you just the same.
Whether you add them to your outdoor garden or keep them as potted plants indoors, our calla
lilies bulbs for delivery are late bloomers, flowering in the summer or fall for a one-of-a-kind
treasure when you least expect them.

Pamper Yourself With Calla Lilies Bulbs For Delivery

Our calla lilies bulbs for delivery collection bring their understated glamour anywhere they’re placed, making them delightful keepsakes to be appreciated for any occasion. For example, we’re big fans of the Be My Princess Calla Lily with its blushing pink blossoms and lavish stems. Choose this plant to embark on a lifelong romance. Another fan favorite is the Be My Main Squeeze Calla Lily, with its refreshing citrus color sure to be a bright spot in your day. Best of all, not only can calla lilies bulbs for delivery be enjoyed anywhere, they’re easy to grow and long-lasting.

Everything You Need To Succeed

Although our calla lilies bulbs for delivery are outdoor plants by nature, we’re confident that yours will take root indoors just as naturally, too. Rest assured that Lively Root always provides continuing service to help you and your plant have a successful start. Whether you’re a veteran horticulturist or a new plant parent, everybody needs a little help sometimes. That means our calla lilies bulbs for delivery come with more than a century of combined experience. You’ll experience the difference whenever you go to us for advice regarding plant bulbs for delivery.

We Give Back To The Planet Too

Lively Root believes everyone deserves a plant. We also think you deserve full service from the ground up. We’re committed to impressing our customers in a way that you’ll never forget. From our nursery to your door, our quality and service know no boundaries when it comes to your calla lilies bulbs for delivery service. Because we care about the environment as much as we care about our plants, we only use eco-friendly packaging for our calla lilies bulbs for delivery. It’s a win-win for you and the earth.