• Neoregelia Bromeliad in medium varies grower planter
  • Neoregelia Bromeliad in medium glossy-white ceramic planter
  • Neoregelia Bromeliad in medium glossy-black ceramic planter
  • Neoregelia Bromeliad in medium limeade ceramic planter
  • Neoregelia Bromeliad in medium earl-grey eco-planter planter
  • Neoregelia Bromeliad in medium chai eco-planter planter

Neoregelia Bromeliad

Neoregelia Bromeliad

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Size: Small Size Chart
Pot: Eco Planter
Eco Pot

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  • Pet Safe:Yes

  • Care Level:I'm Easy

  • Overall Size: 6" to 8" W 8" to 16" H

The Neoregelia Bromeliad is a special bromeliad because it grows short and wide. It is a statement piece in any space.

Neoregelias showcase blue or white flowers in their center while the inner leaves surrounding the flowers are a beautiful red or purple. Some species of Neoregelias also form red leaf tips on their spiny-edged leaves that are nicknamed “painted fingernails.

Neoregelia Bromeliad
Neoregelia Bromeliad
About Neoregelia Bromeliad

From folklore, the Bromeliad is also called the Earth Star. Its particular magical uses may bring the owner money, luxuries, and added protection over the home.

Care Level: I'm Easy

Super easy to care for and perfect for beginners!

Pet Friendly: Yes

Safe for humans, pets, cats and dogs.


Grown in the USA. Native to South America.
Neoregelia Bromeliad

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for spaces with partial shade patios
  • Great for spaces with high humidity environment or climate
  • Great for spaces with higher ceilings
  • Great for spaces with medium indirect light

Neoregelia Bromeliad Care Guide

Neoregelia Bromeliad


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