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Medium Light Plants

Fill your space with medium light plants in every size

Whether you have a huge room with high ceilings or a tiny studio, you'll find medium light plants in all shapes and sizes in our collection. Our Bountiful large plants make an excellent focal point in any room, while our cute Lil' Bit small plants will brighten up any desk or bedside table. We have medium-sized house plants, too — these make a great centerpiece on a coffee table. If you really want to add some drama to your home, add some hanging plants to draw the eye upwards. We've got lots of trailing ivies that can be trained around door frames for an eye-catching look.

Discover offbeat medium light plants

As well as popular picks like peace lilies and rubber trees, our medium-light collection also includes plants that haven't been discovered by the Pinterest crowd yet. Some of our favorites include the Fabian Aralia stump with its thick trunk and glossy leaves and the Syngonium white butterfly with its heart-shaped leaves. You can find more of these oddballs on our new plants page. Note that we update our inventory regularly and sell out quickly, so if you fall in love with something, we recommend snapping it up before someone else does.

Purify the air in your home with our medium light plants

Bedrooms are a great spot for medium light plants, especially if you have sheer curtains to filter the light coming in during the day. We recommend choosing some of our natural air purifiers. One of the best is the golden pothos, which has been recognized by NASA for its ability to filter out nasty chemicals from the air. Some say that air-purifying plants can help to stop snoring — the jury's still out, but we think it's worth the experiment. 

Bright, bold and beautiful plants for medium-light rooms

There's nothing dull about our medium light plants. This collection includes plants with variegated foliage in shades of lemon and lime, succulents in vibrant purple and orange, as well as eye-catching flowers in vivid red.