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New Home: Questions & Answers

Discover our favorite new house potted plants

There's nothing more exciting than putting your own stamp on a place. That's why we've carefully curated this collection of subtle housewarming plants to fit in with any décor while bringing their own unique charm. If you do want something a bit more vibrant, check out our blooming plants. Feng shui is something to consider when buying house plants as a gift. Variegated snake plants, with their sword shaped leaves, symbolise protection — place them beside the front door, or use them to bring energy to peaceful corners of the home. Another auspicious gift is our Chinese money plant. Its coin shaped leaves are zen-like, and the plant itself is said to bring good fortune.

Choose housewarming plants to suit their space

Even if you haven't had the official tour yet, you've probably heard all about their dream home. Think about how your gift will fit into their space. For example, large floor plants will help upsizers to fill all of their new space. Patio plants will please people who are excited about their new garden, while hanging plants will bring some greenery to studio apartments that lack floor space.

Help their garden grow with our plant bundles

Abundance is always great when you're starting from scratch. That’s why our plant bundles are such a great choice for new homeowners. Each bundle features four plants that are carefully chosen to complement each other. You'll find large plants with short ones, spiked foliage next to rounded, and beautiful tropical plants arranged into stunning centerpieces. Look out for our succulent selection —  it includes 16 two-inch plants in different shapes and colors.

How to order new house potted plants for delivery

It's super easy to order plants for delivery using Lively Root. If you want to hand it over in person, we recommend placing your order 7-10 days before you need it. This gives us time to pack your order and for UPS to deliver it. Otherwise, you can send it straight to the recipient. We can deliver everywhere in the continental USA, so long as the plant you want isn't restricted by local agricultural laws. We always have a disclaimer on the product page if this is the case, so you can shop worry free. Read more about our shipping conditions.