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Cat Palm

Chamaedorea cataractarum

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Size: Small Size Chart
Pot: Eco Planter
Eco Pot

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  • Pet Safe:Yes

  • Care Level:I'm Easy

  • Overall Size: 10" to 12" W 18" to 32" H

Enjoy the Chamaedorea Cataractarum (Cat Palm) as a low-growing palm with lots of fluff on their green stems. Create that 'by-gone day' theme with the airy display of dark green leaves and leaflets. This palm even displays a bright yellow pendulous inflorescence in early spring with shiny fruit on the flower stalk. Enjoy them daily in bright, indirect light for years to come!

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Cat Palm, Lively Root, Plant, , , ,
Cat Palm, Lively Root, Plant, , , ,
About Cat Palm

The cat palm tree isn't a tree after all and has no trunk. Instead, they grow a dense clump of stems with plumed green fronds and makes a lovely accent in front of windows where they became stylish to position them in the Victorian age.

Care Level: I'm Easy

This needs a very tropical environment with bright, indirect light, watering and humidity.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Safe for pets!

Origins: Southeastern Mexico

Southeastern Mexico

Fun Facts: Having this palm ...

Having this palm in Victorian times associated with social status. They would display their Cat Palms in their windows for all passersby to see.

This Plant's Kindred Spirit is:

Cameron Diaz!

Dynamic, Intriguing and Fun

Cat Palm, Lively Root, Plant, , , ,

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for spaces with partial shade patios
  • Great for spaces with high humidity environment or climate
  • Great for space with a range of low to high indirect light
  • Great for spaces with medium indirect light

Chamaedorea cataractarum Care Guide

Cat Palm

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