Plant Zone 9

Tropical fruit trees and plants love Zone 9 and its warmer climate! The long warm season means you have a fun variety of tropical options for flowers, plants, and other foliage.

Plants That Grow In Zone 9

  • English Ivy Green Ideal

    From $38.00
  • French Thyme

    French Thyme

    Pet Friendly
  • Lavender Primavera

    Lavender Primavera

  • Pepper Yum Yum Mix

    Pepper Yum Yum Mix

  • Companion Wild Flowers for Beneficial Bugs

    Companion Wild Flowers for Beneficial Bugs

  • Monarch Rose Milkweed

    Monarch Rose Milkweed

  • Berggarten Sage

    Berggarten Sage

    Pet Friendly
  • Gaillardia Premier Orange

    Gaillardia Premier Orange

  • Tomato Oregon Spring

    Tomato Oregon Spring