• bee pollinator seed mix

Bee Pollinator Seed Mix


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  • certified-quality
  • grade-a
  • virus-free
Feed the bees with this delicious menu of perennials and annuals. Each flower gives nectar the bees will be dizzy over! Spread naturally in a field to provide a buffet for the bees and pollinators! This seed pack contains Butterfly Milkweed-P, New England Aster-P, Siberian Wallflower-P, Coreopsis-P, Purple Coneflower-P, Gaillardia-P, Lemon Queen-A, Gayfeather-P, Sweet Alyssum-A, Cosmos Sensation-A, Lupine-A, Bergamot-P, Baby Blue Eyes-A, Evening Primrose-A, Red Corn Poppy-A, Purple Phacelia-A, Prairie Coneflower-P, Crimson Clover-A.

7 grams.
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