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Bird Rock Coffee Bundle

Coffea arabica

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Looking for the perfect gift bundle for a coffee-lover? This bundle includes one Bird Rock 10 oz coffee bag and a Coffee Plant!

Bird Rock is a local San Diego roaster that has been awarded the Roaster of the Year, Good Food Awards, and has been named one of the Top 12 Roasters in the country by Forbes.

Coffee Plants (Coffea arabica) have glossy, dark green leaves. When blooming, it has star-shaped, wonderfully scented white flowers. In the perfect environment (and after three to four years), this plant may produce green fruits that will ripen to black, producing a handful of raw coffee beans! 

This bundle includes:

  • One 4" (Small) Coffee Plant
  • One 10oz bag of Whole Bean Bird Rock Coffee

Coffee Options:

  • Naughty Blend - Congo, Guatemala - Dark Roast with notes of Dark Chocolate and Cola
  • Nice Blend - Peru, Ethiopia - Light Roast with notes of Mimosa and Toffee

Visit our bundle with BOTH coffees here

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Bird Rock Coffee Bundle
Bird Rock Coffee Bundle
About Bird Rock Coffee Bundle

Greet this little guy every morning with your cup of joe to help it feel at home. Don't expect this Coffee plant to yield fruit to make your favorite beverage, but it will be fun to have it around for a topic of conversation. Please keep it in bright, indirect light inside or outside in the bright shade. Never forget to water and keep it very humid around its leaves.

Care Level:

Keep the soil moist and the humidity level high around this plant to mimic its native environment.

Origins: Southwest Arabia

Southwest Arabia

Fun Facts: The Coffee Plant ...

The Coffee Plant was named after the province of Kaffa in Ethiopia. They grow wild there. Natives drink the fruit in tea from the beans.

Ethiopia is still a large producer of coffee.

The fruit of the coffee plant is a "cherry," and the beans are in the pit of the cherry. They are ripe when they turn red and harvested. The beans get pitted and separated, and drying begins.

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