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Dahlia XXL Taxco

Dahlia hybrida 'XXL Taxco'

Size: Small Size Chart
Pot: Eco Planter

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  • Pet Hazard:Toxic To Touch

Dahlia (Dahlia hybrida 'XXL Taxco') is every man's hero and every woman's dream. He's the epitome of handsome with his dashing red-wine suit of petals. His strength is hidden in his stems and tubers, creating a firm foundation. His entourage will be the bees and butterflies amongst the neighbors who flock to his gorgeous 4-6 inch blooms that perform throughout mid-summer into the first frost. Gather a bouquet and swoon your heart out.
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Dahlia XXL Taxco
Dahlia XXL Taxco
About Dahlia XXL Taxco

Once this Dahlia graces your garden beds, he's never leaving! His burgundy-colored blooms will have your ticker skipping a beat mesmerized by the lush wine color that darkens to almost black in the center. If he were a glass of wine, he'd be a rare Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru. Plant him in a garden container to take in every side of him!

Care Level:

Some care required

Pet Friendly: No

Toxic if ingested

Origins: Spain, Great Britain

Spain, Great Britain

Fun Facts: To prevent fungal...

To prevent fungal diseases like powdery mildew, botrytis, leaf spot, or smut, give your plant good airflow proper care and clean the soil of dead or diseased debris. Slugs may try to eat the tender leaves of your plant. Use an organic slug bait two weeks after planting when sprouts begin to get ahead of them. Plant Thyme close by to call in all the ladybugs to prevent an aphid infestation! Add basil and garlic or scallions to deter them!

Dahlia XXL Taxco

Great For People Who…

  • Great for people who nurture their plants like their children
  • Great for people who love flowering plants
  • Great for people who love to dance
  • Great for people who like outdoor activities
Dahlia XXL Taxco

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for space with room for a grouping of plants
  • Great for spaces that have need lush decor
  • Great for spaces that have full sun
  • Great for spaces that need a pop of color

Dahlia hybrida 'XXL Taxco' Care Guide

Dahlia XXL Taxco


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