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Gerbera Daisy Premier Orange

Gerbera jamesonii

Size: Small Size Chart
Pot: Eco Planter
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  • Pet Safe:Yes

  • Care Level:I'm Easy

Gerbera Daisy Premier Orange (Gerbera jamesonii) displays a punch in the garden that screams enthusiasm and fun! So grab your swimsuits, and let's have a party! This vibrant color never loses steam and creates high energy in every garden bed. Team her up with contrasting colors for festive stimulation!
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Gerbera Daisy Premier Orange
Gerbera Daisy Premier Orange
About Gerbera Daisy Premier Orange

While we don't have a marble statue to commemorate the occasion, we still think our Orange Gerber Daisy can be as statuesque in the garden as Rihanna at the Met Gala. Team her with our Oxalis in purple for a stunning contrast!

Care Level: I'm Easy

Easy for beginners

Pet Friendly: Yes

Safe for pets

Origins: Africa


Fun Facts: This Gerbera Dais...

This Gerbera Daisy exhibits high resistance to pests and disease—part of the Alan Titchmarsh Collection (English gardener and broadcaster).

Gerbera Daisy Premier Orange

Great For People Who…

  • Great for people with pets
  • Great for people who are on the go and need low maintenance plants
  • Great for people who love to dance
  • Great for people who like fun projects
Gerbera Daisy Premier Orange

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for spaces with bright indirect light
  • Great for spaces that have need lush decor
  • Great for spaces with tabletops and desks
  • Great for spaces that have full sun
  • Great for spaces that need a pop of color

Gerbera jamesonii Care Guide

Gerbera Daisy Premier Orange


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