• moss ball hanging plant
  • moss ball hanging plant
  • moss ball hanging plant

Moss Ball Hanging Plant

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  • Care Level:Plays Hard to Get

Better known as kokedama ('koke'-ball; 'dama'-moss) or a form of Japanese garden art is a recent garden trend! We've taken the mess out of the art and provided you with the ball already formed. All you have to do is place a plant inside! Walaa! You're the trendiest gardener on your block! We recommend using small plants (to last longer) that can take harsh conditions like ivy, pothos, spider plants, snake plants, bromeliads, Christmas cacti, and succulents since the roots will dry out quickly with air circulation around the ball. Plant included!
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Moss Ball Hanging Plant
Moss Ball Hanging Plant
About Moss Ball Hanging Plant

Place these Kokedama (Japanese moss balls) where you can see them best and enjoy a multitude of celestial plant planets orbiting around your head! To last longer, keep them in indirect light and follow instructions for the plants you choose. Soak you moss ball frequently to keep the soil around your plant's roots moist.

Care Level: Plays Hard to Get

Plays Hard to Get

Fun Facts: The Japanese cult...

The Japanese culture like to reproduce scenes from nature like bonsai, and this one is no exception. This trend began showing up in the 1990s and hadn't let up. DIYers form clay balls, wrap them in sheets of moss and hold them around a plant's roots with twine and string.

Moss Ball Hanging Plant

Great For People Who…

  • Great for people who nurture their plants like their children
  • Great for people who love a challenge
  • Great for people who like to hang their plants
  • Great for people who love to share plants with their friends
Moss Ball Hanging Plant

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for spaces with high humidity environment or climate
  • Great for spaces with higher ceilings
  • Great for space with room for a grouping of plants
  • Great for spaces that have need lush decor

Moss Ball Hanging Plant Care Guide

Moss Ball Hanging Plant

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