• the ultimate plant care bundle
  • the ultimate plant care bundle
  • the ultimate plant care bundle
  • the ultimate plant care bundle
  • the ultimate plant care bundle

The ULTIMATE Plant Care Bundle


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Grow the happiest, healthiest houseplants with the ULTIMATE Houseplant Care Bundle.

What's included!...

  • (4) Houseplant Fertilizer/Plant Food Easy-Use TABLETS
  • (4) Houseplant ProBiotics & Mycorrhizae Easy-Use TABLETS
  • (4) Houseplant Pest Control Easy-Use TABLETS: Naturally Treat Bugs & Prevent Pests
  • (1) 'Simply the Best' Houseplant WATERING CAN (1 Liter, Clear Plastic)
  • (1) 'Simply the Best' Plant Mister SPRAY BOTTLE (4oz)
  • (1) 'Simply the Best' Micro-Fiber GLOVES

The easiest and most complete way to care for your houseplants all in one bundle.  Feed your plants our gently formulated Plant Food that contains all the essential nutrients your plants need along with trace micronutrients required for a well-rounded, healthy plant diet. 4-3-6 NPK! Give your soil the ProBiotics to bring it to life so your plants can thrive naturally.  Treat (and prevent) houseplant pest attacks with our peppermint-based Pest Control formula crafted to fight powdery mildew and to repel bugs including aphids, ants, mites, mealy bugs, gnats, scales, and more - tough on pests but safe for people, plants and pets. Includes all the accessories you need: watering can, spray bottle, and gloves.


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