12 Beautiful Bridal Shower Centerpieces

By: Lively Root
January 20, 2023
12 Beautiful Bridal Shower Centerpieces
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Hosting a bridal shower is a beautiful way to celebrate and cherish the bride-to-be. Whether you’re the maid-of-honor or the mother of the bride, congratulations, you got a lot of planning to do! We’ve covered you, from arranging and planning every celebration detail, such as choosing the best bridal shower favors, to the picture-perfect table centerpieces. Forget the floppy flowers and try one of the latest wedding trends using fresh and fabulous potted plants! Blooming bridal shower plants are a new idea to bring the event to life. Because of their beautiful, eco-friendly, and sustainable attributes, they can fit any theme or style of any bride. Potted plants are the future for centerpieces such as bridal showers, weddings, and engagement parties. They gracefully transform any venue into a paradise that looks like something out of a dream.

Getting creative by including elements of the bride’s personality in the centerpieces can be a totally one-of-a-kind bridal shower gift for the bride. Combinations of different heights, various styles, and plants with heavenly smells can help create a gorgeous, natural focal point for the guests to admire. There are endless ways to reflect the bride’s personality with potted plants. Apart from being a beautiful centerpiece, the upscale green inspiration won’t burn a hole in your budget like extravagant flower arrangements. Even better, they can easily double up as living keepsakes for the bride and your guests as a bridal shower favor to remember the day fondly even after many years. They can live permanently as a decorative piece and provide a longer-lasting enjoyment than flower bouquets.

Sure we all may love flowers-but here are twelve gorgeous greenery plants that can fit any bridal shower theme and may just convince you to depart from the ever-ordinary flowers centerpieces:

Dreamy & Classic Greenery:

These plants are a classic and fresh look for any centerpiece or bridal shower gift. Modern, sustainable, and absolutely swoon-worthy greenery will have the bride-to-be smiling. See what greenery decor has been taking over our bridal shower inspiration boards!

Pothos Pearl Jade

Frame the traditional venue with the delicate Pothos Pearl Jade. The climbing strands of the heavenly green, white, and cream-colored marbled leaves enchant any table setting. The smooth texture gives the greenery a classic and timeless look that can match any color palette or aesthetic. This beautiful trailing plant with its unique marbleized patterns will provide contrast and rhythm to any table setting. As a bonus, pothos symbolizes perseverance, determination and hope for a bright future, making it a meaningful decor choice and a bridal shower gift for the bride. Its green-hued leaves can perfectly pair with white florals like our stunning Snow White Minature Roses.

Snow White Miniature Roses

Welcoming white roses create gorgeous centerpieces. White roses are certainly a go-to staple for bridal showers, and for a good reason. Their pure, warm glow puts the soon-to-be-married couple’s relationship of love on display. These roses symbolize purity, new beginnings, and the bride’s everlasting young love for her soon-to-be spouse. They have been long associated with the meaning of romance for centuries. With such a stunning appearance and delicate fragrance, roses can transform any style from basic to transcendent. It’s a classic yet modern look for the traditional bride. As the host of this shower, you can encourage the guests to start their own gardens at home by giving these potted roses as bridal shower favors. Nothing could be more perfect than gifting roses to the bride-to-be, closest friends, and family.

English Ivy Green Ideal

Foliage like ivy makes an elegant trailing piece of decor. Its unique glossy evergreen leaves can help create an atmosphere of luxe garden heaven vibes. Ivy enhances a tablescape by adding a soft romantic look. The grandest part about ivy is that its branching leaves make this vine easy to shape around other decor pieces. The lush deep green ivy leaves with stunning white veins make it the perfect accompaniment to any flower your heart desires. English ivy is filled with rich meanings and has been used in many traditions that can be presented as a bridal shower gift. The intertwining ivy will remind the bride of fidelity symbolism (a commitment, trust, and respect for the spouse).

A Touch of the Tropics

If your bride-to-be plans a summer or small destination wedding in Hawaii, take the bridal shower theming to the tropics! These types of bridal showers are a vibrant and fun way to celebrate a chic tropical goddess. Don’t be afraid to embrace the big, bold, and eye-catching colors our plant babies have to offer as centerpieces and as bridal shower favors. There are so many fun details you need to see with these plants. Bright tropical flowers and plants will surely stop guests in their tracks. Elevating with our chic and island-inspired style plants can help celebrate the upcoming bride-to-be!

Ponytail Palm

Sometimes, a traditional floral centerpiece just won’t do. Bring the summer feeling right to the table with this tropical Ponytail Palm! These whimsical, thin, curly leaves can help dress up the table. The bright palm leaves gracefully cascade down like a green fountain adding an elegant wildness to the occasion. This vibrant centerpiece will have all tropical lovers in awe, wanting to take this beauty home as a bridal shower favor!

Tropical Delight Guzmania Bromeliad

Bromeliads can transform any setting into a tropical paradise. These dramatic, long-lasting blooms can brighten up any room with their exotic splash of colors. Their flowers bring an exotic touch of sun-kissed feelings and a breath of fresh air. To take a step further with the centerpieces, bromeliads can be grouped together into larger containers to create a jaw-dropping look of multi-colored blooms. This tropical flower can make a perfect bridal shower gift for the bride to take home.

Party in Paradise Duo

Get the party on with these bold tropical, beautifully colored flowers. These two plants will perfectly complement the totally tropical tablescape.

The Flamingo Flower is a tropical treasure! They are bright pinkish to reddish, heart-shaped flowers, and dark green glossy leaves will have you feeling like you are in a tropical paradise. The bold, beautiful blooms will give the bridal shower a pop of color!

What says tropical more than pineapple centerpieces? Nestled among the emerald green leaves, you can find the delectable taste of sweet and juicy pineapple. Imagine this- a miniature tropical indoor plant that can bring a smile to your guests as a departing bridal shower favor. The best part about the pineapple plant is the tiny treasure can be harvested and replanted to have endless pineapples for years to come.

Sucker for Succulents

In the language of plants, succulents symbolize enduring and timeless love. People often overlook the beauty of the little plants. They come in many colors, so you’re not just stuck to the green hues. A succulent is a hardy little guy unaffected by the seasons, making it a perfect plant all year round. Creating the bridal shower around the many succulent plants can create a unique, fresh take on celebrating the bride-to-be. Succulent plants look great as centerpieces, bridal shower favors, and backdrops. There sure is a succulent to suit every bridal shower theme!

Echeveria Rose Succulent

The graceful Echeveria Rose Succulent is sure to swoon over the hearts of everyone. Its powdery violet-greenish leaves shape into a rosette-like pattern that looks different than other flowers. This small plant can easily dazzle and be integrated into any centerpiece design. Because of its sturdy makeup, you won’t have to worry about this little flora falling apart. This is a perfect succulent to bring an earthy texture and a touch of modernity to the bridal shower and can even be reused in the wedding, making it a two-in-one bridal shower gift!

Cutie Little Baby Succulents: 16 Pack

These cute little babies are full of texture that you will need for making gorgeous centerpieces. This fabulous array consists of many different shapes, color varieties, and styles that can be used in countless ways. The best thing about these babies is they are low and small enough that they won’t block your guests from seeing the person across the table. If you have a calling for a DIY project, succulents are the perfect plant to get creative with! They can be placed into various different-shaped pots, terrariums, or planters that can help elevate any look, all while still giving an earthy flare to the table scape. This stunning collection can also make an excellent keepsake for bridal shower favors.

Fresh Live Succulent Wreath

This beautiful one-of-a-kind hand-made succulent wreath will surely get dozens of compliments from the guests. This unique grapevine wreath made with a combination of moss and quality succulent rosettes dresses up any table. Various hand-placed succulents in different showy displays of colors, shades, and long-lasting blooms can complement almost any color scheme. Combine this centerpiece with a neutral-tone or white candle to make the greenery stand out. Our wreaths are made to look beautiful for years, making them a wonderful bridal shower gift that the bride can cherish for many years.