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Our Nursery

At Lively Root, the green spaces we create have been instrumental in our development as horticulturists. As plant lovers and horticultural experts, we know what it takes to develop an ideal green space.  We are here to guide you, spark conversation and inspire you to be creative with plants. 

Lively Root’s plants are home-grown at our nursery and full-scale fulfillment center.  We only sell eco-friendly products that are packaged and delivered right to your doorstep.  We can be your source of information, connection and inspiration as you develop your journey and love for plants. We are a young company who wants to grow with you!


Croton 'Petra' and Hanging Golden Pothos at Lively Root

Beautiful Crotons in Lively Root's nursery.

Our Team

Our founding members have over a century of horticultural experience as growers, retailers, and landscapers. We have grown small plants, indoor plants, outdoor plants, large trees, and flowering shrubs.  We've even planted & maintained trees on residential and commercial properties of all types. This knowledge and this experience has equipped us for this new initiative which is to provide you, our guests, with the very best horticultural experience possible.

Lively Root Nursery

Inside our nursery

Inspiration, Guidance, Education, Fun

This is how we view our commitment to our guests. It all starts with offering inspiration, it progresses through guidance, improves with education and results in fun!

We know that plants better health by purifying the air, soothing stress, making people feel happier, and offering style and ambiance . Everyone has a place for a plant that perks up and adds joy to their own personal green space. Let us help you through this wonderful journey into the world of plants.

ZZ Plants at Lively Root

ZZ Plants at Lively Root


Peacock Plants and Golden Pothos at Lively Root Nursery

Peacock Plants and Golden Pothos at Lively Root


Contact Information

3001 Bishop Drive Suite 300, San Ramon CA, 94583