About Us

About Us

Our Story, Our Nursery, Our Team, and our commitment to Inspiration, Guidance and Fun.

Our Story

At Lively Root, our mission is to inspire and connect through greener spaces. The vision of our founders is to make their passion for gardens and green spaces a lifestyle. They invite families, communities, and apartment dwellers alike to enjoy not only the aesthetic of plants but the limitless health and environmental benefits they offer. Whether you’ve been blessed with a green thumb or you feel like you could wither a succulent with one look, our experienced horticulturalists are here to help you cultivate your own lush corner of life. 

Our Nursery

Our plants are home-grown at our nursery in San Diego. They spend their days soaking up the California sun and receiving VIP (very important plant) treatment until they are hand-selected by one of our team members and sent directly to your doorstep. 

We provide a true farm to tabletop (or book nook, or home office) experience for your plants. They are securely packed and ready for any bumps in the road on their way to their new home. They arrive in beautiful condition to add freshness and brightness to your indoor or outdoor spaces. 

We care about our plants just as much as we care about our impact on the environment around us. That’s why we only use eco-friendly materials including the sustainable packaging your plants are shipped in. 

Our Team

With over a century of combined experience, ranging from growing, retail, and landscaping, our team holds a robust knowledge of the horticulture world that extends beyond houseplants. We want to make your green space ambitions, whether in your home or yard, come alive while still working within your element.

As a young company, we are committed to growing along with you on your botanical journey. We want you to know you can always come to us for advice—seriously, no judgment. Our support team is an email away and a real expert is available to answer questions and offer plant care guidance. And while we believe education is a cornerstone of our business, we are also here to listen and learn from our guests’ experiences. 

Inspiration, Guidance, and Fun

If you’re like us, your plant collection will never stop growing. (A room without plants? Impossible). We want to inspire even more plant lovers and larger green spaces. 

We’re proud to be plant parents and think of them as members of our family. We even name them and tell them our deepest secrets (just us?). We love helping you find plants that match your lifestyle, from pet-friendly to super resilient. Every order includes a Lively Root care card with instructions on how to keep your new plant companion happy and healthy. 

If you’re looking to take your plant addiction to the next level, check out our Plant Care and Plant Talk pages. Here, we’re continually adding more trade secrets and plant care tips from us pros. And if you’re looking for more ambiance, we partner with interior designers and home decor experts to help you style a Pinterest-worthy plant shelf or pick out the trendiest plants for gifting. 

We are always aiming to spark connections through green spaces and grow our horticulture-loving community one fresh plant delivery at a time.

Happy Customers

They love it - I love it! I love the intricacies of my money tree even if it doesn’t come with “green money” attached. I’ve always thought of them as lovely and finally purchased them for my team. They arrived green and fresh, just as I anticipated. My team said they love them! So I love them!

Kerrie C.


Nice Plants! I ordered medium peacock plants in a grower pot for an "at-home" convention. They got delivered on the expected timeline and they were packed nicely. The leaves they had when it arrived are in good shape. Would order other plants again!

Caroline A.


Impressed. I ordered Golden Pothos as an "I miss you plant." for our office. I was worried because I've ordered live plants before and it was not a pleasant experience. I am so pleased and impressed with the Lively Root team and how the plants were packaged. Done with care! Thank you! Very happy!

Lina H.