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We are currently crowdfunding to allow our customers and plant-loving communities to be a part of our company growth. Investment Perks available for the first 250 investors.
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Our Efforts

Our mission Is to inspire the love of green spaces! We are way more than just an online plant retailer. We are a sustainable lifestyle brand delivering quality plants from our local network of nurseries to your doorstep. We are the future of plant shopping and sustainable gifting.

We've teamed up with Wefunder to give the Lively Root community the chance to invest directly in our business, and reap the rewards. By investing in us, you're betting on our future growth, from which you would earn a return the same way institutional investors would (if we are acquired or go public).

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Why Invest in Lively Root?

Pots and plants being packed

Why Invest in Lively Root?

  • $12.2M Lifetime Revenue Gross Revenue
  • Gross Revenue doubling year over year; 113% CAGR
  • Americans spend $56B annually on plants — an increase of 50% over the last 3 years
  • 500,000 customers across all 48 contiguous states.
  • Current B2B Clients include Apple, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Oracle, and many more.
  • Channel provider for Petco's entire Pet-Friendly plant category.
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Investor Testimonials

  • I am investing in Lively Root because I am a very happy customer, I love their products/services, and believe in Colin and his team to execute. LR has a proprietary packaging solution that differentiates them from the competition by lowering the cost of shipping and allows them to ship a more diverse array of plants. LR is also vertically integrated with their own nursery, which allows the to be cost competitive, while also hitting great gross margins. It is a massive market that will continue to grow in the coming years.
    - Chadwick Manning
  • I invested in Lively Root because personally, they made me change my mindset from "I can't grow anything" to "I can grow anything". The entire process is easier than going to a store and *hoping* I buy the right plant. The support given after the purchase is amazing as well - which is HUGE for someone that may be intimidated by trying to keep a plant alive. From a financial standpoint, I think they are poised to change the industry and I'd like to be a small part of that change.
    - Ashley Crawford
  • Easy to use service, the people I sent plants to loved them, great backstory on company and I believe small business is the backbone of our country. I remember starting my small business at age 28 and having investors believe in me. It paid off for them and for me. I feel very good about Lively Root!
    - Nancy Kim

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