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Plants Gift Delivery Buying Guide

Commemorate life's special moments with exquisite and meaningful plant gifts. Explore Lively Root's curated collection of stunning plants, perfect for conveying love, inspiration, or sympathy to your dear ones, colleagues, and friends. Each plant is a symbol of care and thoughtfulness, making every occasion memorable.

Plant Gift Delivery

Express Affection with Plant Gifts: Fresh and Vibrant Choices

A Gift That Grows with Time

The freshness and vibrant energy of plants make them an exceptional gift choice, suitable for any occasion. Unlike many traditional gifts, live indoor plants offer a long-lasting reminder of your care and thoughtfulness. As these plants flourish, they continuously remind your loved ones of your affection.

Health Benefits: Purify Air and Boost Mental Well-being

Indoor plants are more than just decorative items; they actively purify the air, removing pollutants and enriching it with oxygen. Numerous studies highlight the stress-relieving properties of plants, noting their ability to promote mental health and elevate mood. This makes them not only a beautiful gift but also a contributor to a healthier living environment.

Symbolic and Meaningful: Convey Your Wishes Without Words

Plants are a meaningful and sustainable gift choice, allowing you to express your wishes of well-being and gratitude silently but effectively. For instance, the Money Tree and Lucky Bamboo are renowned Feng Shui plants associated with fortune and prosperity, ideal for gifting to friends and colleagues. The Peacock Plant, known for symbolizing new beginnings, is perfect for occasions marking a fresh start. In moments of sympathy, such as the loss of a loved one, the Peace Lily serves as a heartfelt expression of condolence. And for extending an olive branch in apology, what could be more fitting than gifting an actual Olive Tree, a universal symbol of peace?

Choosing the Ideal Plant Gift for Every Occasion

Plant Delivery

Selecting the right gift plant for an occasion is straightforward when you consider the message you want your gift to convey. For housewarming parties, a symbolic plant like the Money Tree can express wishes of good luck and prosperity for your hosts. For weddings or anniversaries, heart-shaped plants such as the Hoya Heart or Flamingo Flower are excellent choices. They can also be sent to your significant other as a charming token of affection. Additionally, consider gifting a plant to a coworker as a token of appreciation or celebrating a career achievement.

This Mother's Day, surprise the special women in your life with the perfect plant. Our collection includes thoughtful options like the elegant Orchid or the vibrant African Violet, each symbolizing admiration and gratitude. These plants not only beautify her space but also serve as a lasting reminder of your love and appreciation.

Struggling to find the perfect plant? Use our innovative Gift Finder tool! Simply input your criteria, and the tool will recommend the best plant choices for your needs. Whether for Mother's Day, a birthday or just because, our Gift Finder makes it easy to select the ideal plant gift for any occasion.

Consider the Space: Size Matters

When gifting plants, it's important to consider the recipient's living space. Larger plants, like palms, require more space and might not be suitable for someone in a small apartment. To ensure the perfect fit, use Lively Root’s Jungle Calculator to match plants with the available space in any room.

Easy-Care Plants for the Busy or Beginner

For those who are either busy or new to plant care, opt for easy-care plants. The Golden Pothos, known for its resilience, is an ideal choice for beginners. It's almost indestructible and requires minimal maintenance.

Tropical Vibes: Lush and Cheerful Choices

If you're aiming to deliver a cheerful and tropical atmosphere, explore our collection of vibrant tropical plants. These lush selections are perfect for adding a touch of exotic flair to any environment.

Air-Purifying Plants for Health and Wellbeing

Consider gifting an air-purifying plant like the striking Variegated Snake Plant for someone moving into a new home or for a colleague. These plants not only enhance the aesthetic of a space but also contribute to a healthier living environment.

Pet-Friendly Plants for Animal Lovers

For pet owners, a pet-friendly plant is a thoughtful and safe choice. These plants add beauty to the home while ensuring the safety of furry companions.

Tailoring Plant Gifts to Their New Environment

Plant Lover Gifts

Choosing the Right Plant for Home and Office Spaces

When selecting houseplants for delivery, it's crucial to consider the environment where the plant will reside. For office settings, opt for plants that are low-maintenance, as high-care plants might not be suitable. If the gift is for friends moving into a new home, assess the space they have for plant placement. A magnificent choice like the Stone Pine, while stunning, requires ample outdoor space. Conversely, the elegant bonsai Ficus Ginseng, which doesn't grow taller than eight inches, is perfect for smaller spaces such as a coworker's desk.

Outdoor and Patio Plants: Space Considerations

Patio plants can be exceptional gifts, but ensure that the recipient has enough porch or front door space to accommodate them. The beauty of these plants is best showcased when there's ample space for them to flourish.

Climate Compatibility: A Crucial Factor

When sending plants as gifts, the climate zone of the recipient's location is a key consideration. Some tropical plants need higher temperatures and humidity and might struggle in cooler climates. Matching the plant's needs with the recipient's environment ensures the plant thrives and remains a joyous gift for longer.

Desk Plants: Low Maintenance and Easy Care

For desk plant deliveries, choosing an easy-care variety is wise. These plants should require minimal watering, repotting, or fertilizing. Succulents like the striking String of Pearls are ideal for such settings; they need only bright, indirect light and occasional watering. In contrast, plants like the Alocasia, which are more demanding, might not be the best choice for a busy coworker's desk.

Houseplants Delivery: Key Care Tips

Plant Care Tips

The best way to ensure the gift plants you’ve ordered for your friends or family thrive once they are delivered is to meet their needs. These include:

  • Water
  • Light 
  • Nourishing soil 
  • Space for their roots
  • Fertilizer  

You need to water most plants at least once a week. Ferns and other moisture-loving plants need more frequent watering. How much light each plant needs will also depend on the variety. Snake plants can thrive in low light, while the magnificent Bird of Paradise grows best in bright light. Some plants need to be repotted once they arrive. A good indication that this might be the case is if you see roots growing from the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Most plants also require regular feeding with a balanced fertilizer during spring and summer. 

Plants with larger leaves require cleaning occasionally to remove any accumulated dust. You should also remove wilted flowers and yellowing leaves to promote new growth. 

Because different plants have differing needs, it’s always a good idea to consult the care guide for your particular plant. Lively Root’s Plant Care Guides page is a wonderful source of practical and helpful plant-particular information that your gift recipients can consult.

Find a unique gift for any occasion with Lively Root’s stunning plants!