Guzmania Bromeliad

Exotic, intriguing, and sun-loving, they’re stunners as far as gifts go and deceptively easy to care for.  They are as beautiful or more so than any flower and pet friendly, so no question this plant will make the person you are thinking of extremely happy.

Peace Lily

A tropical species that is one of our favorite flowering houseplants. They bloom is the spring with long-lasting flowers that hover gracefully over their glossy oval leaves. Many will bloom twice per year and will offer several months worth of flowers. 

Money Tree 

Bring your recipient the gift of luck with this lovely braided money tree.  This money tree is by far one of our most popular plants to gift.

Flamingo Flower

The Flamingo Flower is one of our favorite houseplants because it offers attractive leaves and bold blooms. With enough light, it can bloom on and off all year!   Just don't give it as a gift to anyone with pets because it is highly toxic.

African Violets

For the person that wants beautiful bourgeoning blossoms in the home and out as well as the person that wants a traditional and classic houseplant, African Violets (Saintpaulia) are the way to go. Carefree and creative people enjoy the pretty blossoms and easy care of African Violets to make those blooms really pop. More austere traditionalists enjoy the classic appeal of the attractive houseplant 

Calathea ‘Medallion’

Visually, they’re super-appealing, so it’s a nice change from a really lovely bouquet of flowers. These plants are just as colorful and ornate, so they’re gorgeous to give. Calatheas are nicknamed “prayer plants” because, like hands folded in prayer, “their leaves actually open and close throughout the day, depending on the time and the light they’re receiving.” This also makes them particularly special.

They’re safe plants even if you’re not sure of the light conditions at the recipient’s home; these can thrive in moderate light. They need to be watered only about once every seven to ten days (depending on light conditions), so they’re not particularly high maintenance. They are completely non-toxic and considered pet safe by the ASPCA so they are a good option for friends with cats or dogs.

ZZ Plant

A great option for beginners is the hardy ZZ plant. If the person travels a lot, it only has to get watered once a month.  Since ZZ plants are native to Africa, they’re used to periods of flood and drought, so they’re really drought tolerant. They can even survive without direct light, making them great office plants.