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Plants As Gifts: Questions & Answers

Plants Make The Best Gifts

Are you looking for a gift that someone can appreciate for a lifetime? Then look no further than our plants as gifts collection for fresh and creative inspiration. Since they're resilient and reproduce, giving house plants as gifts literally put down roots wherever placed. Hence, it makes a beautiful impression on your recipient every time they see it. When they're looked after properly, plants as gifts are the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime and generations to come. We can't think of a super-strong, sustainable present that adds a touch of natural beauty inside and outside the home.

Send Your Best Wishes With Plants As Gifts

Not only do plants as gifts outlast the occasion, but they're also a thoughtful way to express your best wishes beyond their good looks. Plants improve the quality of the air you breathe and the quality of your life overall. So say farewell to dull with the Peacock Plant, which boasts a rare and regal aesthetic no matter its surroundings. For more traditional plants as gifts, the Be My Heart Calla Lily is sure to be a bright spot in your recipient's day with its burst of exquisite blooms.

Another Way Giving Plants Share The Love

At Lively Root, we believe everyone deserves a plant, no matter how green their thumb is. So naturally, we encourage you to give plants as gifts to inspire family and friends to love nature with the gift of green. Regardless of their plant know-how and experience, caring for plants develops self-esteem and confidence in new plant parents. Not only do we carry an extensive selection to fit every care level from beginner to advanced, but we've also made it easy to give the ideal plants as gifts.

Perfect Gifts For Home Or Office

Everyone deserves plants, no matter where they are. With our fast and dependable delivery service, you can send plants as gifts everywhere without the hassle or worry. A large part of Lively Root's mission is to connect everyone through greener spaces, including the home or office. Not only does giving plants as gifts deliver on our vision, but you can also count on our uncompromising commitment to the environment. It means we're looking out for you and the planet!