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If you're looking to order plants online but need a little guidance, our carefully curated categories will help you find exactly what you need. On this page you'll find lots of different groups based on practical features such as how large they’ll grow, whether they're pet-friendly and how much attention they'll need. We've also put together some expert selections of live plants for sale that make perfect gifts. Choose the occasion you're thinking of and we'll show you our favorite picks, such as vibrant flamingo flowers to say congratulations and elegant peace lilies to express sympathy.


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Trends come and go, but plants can last a lifetime. Still, some plants are more on-trend than others — and we're proud to stock them all. Our edit of tropical plants features current favorites like the fiddle leaf fig, which can be tough to care for but is super rewarding, especially when it comes to making your friends jealous. If you want to buy plants online that are easy to care for, look for quirky picks like the super cute pineapple plant with fruit. This little sweetie has become more popular over the past few years, so snap one up quick. We don't just love them because they're utterly adorable — they're also unfussy and known for being excellent air purifiers.

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As well as old favorites like Chinese money plants and Swiss cheese plants, we also want to show you some new plants that you've maybe not heard of yet. They're bound to impress your green-fingered friends, even if most are super easy to care for. Choose from large leafy trees to bring a bit of shade to your patio, colorful succulents to brighten up your desk and gorgeous tropical palms. Many of these are only available for a short time, so act quickly if you want to snap them up. We're always on the hunt for new products, so check back regularly to find out what's new. As always, our plants are all available for delivery so you can kick back, relax and wait for your green buddy to arrive.