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We Inspire & Connect Through Greener Spaces

Happy Customers

They love it - I love it! I love the intricacies of my money tree even if it doesn’t come with “green money” attached. I’ve always thought of them as lovely and finally purchased them for my team. They arrived green and fresh, just as I anticipated. My team said they love them! So I love them!

Kerrie C.


Nice Plants! I ordered medium peacock plants in a grower pot for an "at-home" convention. They got delivered on the expected timeline and they were packed nicely. The leaves they had when it arrived are in good shape. Would order other plants again!

Caroline A.


Impressed. I ordered Golden Pothos as an "I miss you plant." for our office. I was worried because I've ordered live plants before and it was not a pleasant experience. I am so pleased and impressed with the Lively Root team and how the plants were packaged. Done with care! Thank you! Very happy!

Lina H.


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Best reasons to buy a plant...

“To decorate my house!”

"So I always have a friend close"

"To make the planet healthier"

"Grow my own garden"

"Grow my own food"

"To give as a gift"

"To purify the air surrounding me"

"To reduce stress"