8 Reasons to Get (or Gift) a Plant Subscription!

By: Hannah McWhorter
November 10, 2022
8 Reasons to Get (or Gift) a Plant Subscription!
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1. Grow your Green Space

Fostering a lush jungle can take time. A plant subscription helps you build your collection without overwhelming you all at once with an armful of plants! Get plants monthly, every few months, or quarterly - whatever makes the most sense for your growing collection.


2. Great for Gifting

Subscriptions are amazing gifts that keep on giving! We have prepaid, year-long subscriptions that send a rotating plant quarterly to the recipient. These gifts continue to bring joy to the person you send them to and will remind them of you throughout the year - and unlike cut flowers, they can continue to grow and live in their space!


3. Cost Savings

Many of our plant subscriptions provide 15% off of our usual plant prices and also include free shipping. Who doesn’t love more plants for less? This can be a great way to gift cheaper or grow your jungle faster!


4. Experiment with New Plants

Mystery plant subscriptions can help you expand your collection while providing you with a fun surprise! You can learn about new plants every delivery by picking the right type of subscription box for you, like an Easy Care subscription option. New kinds of plants also give you the ability to grow your green thumb by trying new techniques such as propagation!


5. Explore New Pet-Safe Plants

There are so many beautiful pet-friendly plants out there! It can be hard to start collecting houseplants if you have a pet you are worried about, but a pet-friendly subscription is a great way to keep getting those green gifts without the worry.


6. Treat Yourself with Something that Lasts

Many people buy cut flowers for themselves as centerpieces, but getting a plant instead means you can still swap out decor while keeping the plants long-term! Not only is this cheaper over time, but it will also help you create a green space that you can look at any time. A plant subscription is a great way to treat yourself to something you can continue enjoying.


7. Easily Adjust or Gift your Subscription Delivery

Listen, we know that some subscriptions are intimidating. Getting a whole plant once a month or once a quarter may be more than you need! That is why on our account page we allow you to either skip your next subscription or gift your next delivery to someone else! Who doesn’t love a flexible subscription? No mess, no stress.

8. Get a Monthly Gift That's Green

Getting yourself something regularly can feel wasteful when it ends up being wrapped with a mile-long string of plastic bubbles. We are an environmentally-conscious company that agrees! Snag your green plant with an Eco-Pot that can be fully recycled or with a Plant Pick that helps support the Arbor Day Foundation!