Fall Decor Trends We Live For!

By: Hannah McWhorter
November 4, 2022
Fall Decor Trends We Live For!
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Fall is a cozy time of year that reminds us of pumpkins, warm blankets, and fresh-made cider. Besides just making yourself cozy, many people take inspiration from the season to redesign their homes. We love some of these trends, especially since they so often are interwoven with greenery! So, let's talk about some of our faves.


Light & Bright

We love how open and inviting these light and bright spaces are! With white-painted wood and touches of light tones throughout, it makes the space feel so polished. With pops of dark green from plants such as a Golden Pothos or Elephant Ear Alocasia, you add dramatic pops of green that stand out from the lighter tones.


Climbing Plants


Climbing plants have become decor trends of their own accord! Using plant clips, they are often trellised around windowsills and ceilings to make a space feel alive and cozy. This works especially well in homes with a lot of light where the plants can grow quickly. Some trendy plants include the Golden Pothos, English Ivy, and Philodendrons.




Simple and rustic, farmhouse trends have been very popular! These spaces do great with flowering plants, such as Peace Lilies or Flamingo Flowers. Adding flowering plants adds elegance and color without having to replace cut flowers every few weeks.




Boho trends are a favorite of ours, and we love seeing how plants can accent these spaces! This organic, eclectic style matches so well with plants such as Cat Palms, Snake Plants, and Fiddle Leaf Figs! Plants fit amazingly with the boho vibe, especially if you add earthy-colored pots or baskets!


Saturated Tones

Saturated colors, especially warm tones of scarlet, pops of yellow, and deep oranges are very popular this fall. Accent your more dramatic pieces with equally as unique plants such as the Orange Bird of Paradise or the Alocasia Polly!