Lively Root Digital Gift Cards

By: Hannah McWhorter
December 14, 2022
Lively Root Digital Gift Cards
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Gift cards are a great way to gift someone a plant where you may not know what to get them. Our digital gift cards make singular or group gifting extremely easy. We also allow you to personalize your message to give it that extra touch! 

As you look at what kind of gift card to give, consider what kind of items they may purchase with the gift card, here are a few options to consider:

Step 1 - Receiving your gift card:

You will receive two emails from Lively Root <support@livelyroot>

  1. Order confirmation
  2. Your digital gift card(s) 

Note: If you purchased multiple gift cards in one transaction we will send one separate email per gift card



Step 2 - Sharing your gift card:

Share your gift card via email: click on the share gift card button from your gift card email (shown above) It will prompt you to input the recipients name, email address and an option digital gift message

Additionally, you can schedule a send for whichever day you want them to receive their gift card



Buying Multiple Gift Cards in one checkout

Do you have multiple people on your shopping list this season and don’t want to play favorites. Send them all a Lively Root gift card with one easy checkout. All you’ll need is an email to send it to them.

Add the amounts and quantities of each to your cart and checkout -

You’ll receive an email that looks like this, make sure to check your promotions folder or do a quick search for “Lively Root” in your inbox to make sure it didn’t get missed.