Plants Make Great Gifts

Written By: Lively Root

Plants Make Great Gifts

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Why do plants make great gifts?  You can give them for any occasion, and they offer entertainment, style, creativity, and better health.  Everyone has a place that, when accompanied by a plant, perks up and adds joy to their home or office.

Contrast giving cut flowers to that of giving a live plant. It could be argued that floral bouquets are outdated icons from the days of our parents signaling indulgent splurges, impulsivity, and in some cases an attempt to console. Cut flowers leave behind dead blooms and a mess. There is no wonder why younger generations prefer indoor plants for their taste of green space!

In addition, live plants are eco-friendly.  Cut flowers are grown all over the world, flown by jet to flower shops, kept cold refrigeration, and driven by automobiles to florists. This is why younger generations consider buying live plants as an eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers.

The benefits of gifting live plants certainly make sense. Living plants are natural air purifiers, removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen during the day. This offers a healthy environment.

Lastly, gifting a plant provides a priceless return with tasteful ambience, style, tranquility and a calming peace. Remember, gifting a plant works for any occasion!