Plants Make Great Gifts

Plants make for excellent gifts.  They can be given for any occasion and offer entertainment, style, creativity, and a healthy environment.

By: Lively Root
June 4, 2019
Plants Make Great Gifts
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Why do plants make great gifts? You can give them for any occasion, and they offer entertainment, style, creativity, and better health. Everyone has a place that, when accompanied by a plant, perks up their home or office. It can be a thoughtful gift that not only brightens a home, but provides many benefits as well!

Contrast giving cut flowers to that of giving a live plant. It could be argued that floral bouquets are outdated icons from the days of our parents signaling indulgent splurges, impulsivity, and in some cases an attempt to console. Cut flowers leave behind dead blooms and a mess. There is no wonder why younger generations prefer indoor plants for their taste of green space!

In addition, live plants are eco-friendly. Cut flowers are grown all over the world, flown by jet to flower shops, kept cold refrigeration, and driven by automobiles to florists. On top of this, plants help raise the air quality in the home without the use of expensive and energy-hungry air purifiers. This conservation is another reason why younger generations consider buying live plants as an eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers.

The benefits of gifting live plants certainly make sense. Living plants are natural air purifiers, removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen during the day. While the physical benefits of purified air are obvious for your home, did you know that plants help our mental health too? Poor air quality has been shown to increase the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our awesome plant friends help us stay stress free in more ways than one!

Just by owning and taking care of plants, we can reduce our stress significantly. By taking care of plants and putting them in our spaces, we can significantly lessen our physiological and psychological stress according to many studies, including this one done on Japanese office workers. This means that plants are not only a great gift for homes, but for your coworkers and colleagues as well!

The aromatics of plants can help brighten up a home as well. These scents can act as natural candles while also providing potential aromatic benefits such as lower stress or higher focus. For example, lavender plants are great for relaxation and stress relief. Often these aromatic plants have a plethora of uses, for example rosemary not only smells wonderful but is a great herb to have easily accessible for your kitchen dishes. Buying someone an herb is a great way to not only add aromatic flare to their home, but to give them a gift that keeps on giving as an ingredient to their dishes.

Lastly, gifting a plant provides a priceless return with tasteful ambience, style, tranquility and a calming peace. Plants are a wonderful gift regardless of occasion or relationship. Picking out something green as a gift will always be thought of as thoughtful! Every time they see that pop of green in their home, the recipient will think back to your kind gift giving. Remember, gifting a plant works for any occasion!