Pumpkin Decor DIY

By: Hannah McWhorter
October 17, 2022
Pumpkin Decor DIY
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Looking for the perfect fall decor? This DIY helps you easily transform a pumpkin and some succulents into a beautiful fall centerpiece. This project is perfect to do quick at home but is also great with family or over some mulled wine with friends!

What you will need:

Step One: Prep your Pumpkin

During this step, first trim down your pumpkin stem. There are two ways you can add succulents to your pumpkin - you can glue them to the top of the pumpkin itself, or carve the pumpkin and add succulent-appropriate soil into the cleaned out base.

If you plan to attach succulents to the top of the pumpkin, you should first add any texture like moss or substrate to the top that you may want. This can hide the bases of your succulents. If you want to add soil, carve the top of your pumpkin at this step and clean the guts of the pumpkin out. Then, add succulent-appropriate soil into the pumpkin.

Step Two: Attach your Succulents

Start adding your succulents to your pumpkin! Either glue them gently to the top, or assort them in the soil within the pumpkin. We recommend starting in the middle and working towards the outside of your pumpkin. Make sure to put the succulents close enough together that they hide their bases, and mix colors and textures throughout.


Step Three: Add Final Touches

Before displaying your new decor, add a few finishing touches! You can paint your pumpkin, add larger, dangling succulents over the edge like string of pearls, or add moss to the outer rim.


Step Four: Care and Recycling!

To protect your pumpkin, care for it like any other carved decor! Make sure to sit it up on cardboard or a dry surface to prevent too much moisture from settling near the base. Spray the succulents weekly with water.

Once the pumpkin deteriorates too much, you can recover your succulents from the pumpkin! This is easiest if you planted soil within the pumpkin, where you can easily move the soil and succulents into a new container.

If you glued your succulents, we recommend trimming the succulents above where they are glued and propagating them in succulent-appropriate soil. Feel free to trim multiple cuttings off and create a new succulent arrangement to enjoy!

Pumpkins are composable, and great fertilizer as well! If you used glue on your pumpkin, note that this may not compost and can be discarded separately.

Of course, don't forget to tag @livelyroot on Instagram with your finished creations!


For more on how to do this project, check out our step-by-step video with Miss Debbie here!