Sustainable Gifting: Give a Money Tree this Holiday

Indoor Plants are a far more sustainable gifting choice this holiday season. Try giving a Money Tree, an easy plant for any level.

By: Lively Root
October 30, 2019
Sustainable Gifting: Give a Money Tree this Holiday
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Call us biased, but giving a plant instead of cut flowers is one of our favorites. With all the holidays coming up, we thought we’d give you a run down on the ever-popular Money Tree.

Right now you can buy one individual plant or stock up on 4 for a little extra luck. Whether you go with the standard or Chinese varietal, you’re bound to make someone’s day.

“The Good Luck Tree”

Our Money Tree gift is a favorite among everyone here, with a braided base and umbrella leaves, it’s often given as a token of good luck and good fortune. Popular among Feng Shui practitioners, this plant offers a positive energy to a space, promoting growth in any area of one’s life.

As a hardy indoor plant, it’s one of those that’s great to gift, no matter the skillset of the receiver. It prefers low light, infrequent watering, and to be kept out of direct sunlight. With minimal care, a Money Tree gift can happily grow for years.

Gifting Favorite

One of our favorite hacks for the holidays is to have a bunch of plants ready to go as host gifts for whatever party we may end up at. Grown at our small farm in Southern California, our Money Tree gifts have one of the smallest footprints you can find and, now that you can have them shipped directly to you in a four pack, they’re pretty convenient for planning ahead. Send a tree as a gift for a surprising alternative to the usual!

Try our New Plant Parent Collection, featuring the Money Tree or shop our Pet Friendly Collection, also featuring our favorite Money Tree!

Tree Trivia!

  • Most Money Trees have 5 – 6 leaves per stem. Sometimes there’s a seventh and that’s basically the Money Tree’s version of a 4-leaf clover. It’s extra good luck!
  • The braided trunk is made up of 4 – 5 separate trunks that are actually braided together.