Earth Day, Every Day With Lively Root!

By: Ashley Prybycien
April 12, 2021
Earth Day, Every Day With Lively Root!
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Earth Day is on April 22 so we wanted to share with you a few ways we’re putting our best foot forward to a greener planet! Earth Day is all about making a difference and we believe there’s always ways to go GREEN! With our eco friendly packaging, our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation (where a tree is planted with every plant purchase from us) and celebrating National Garden Month with our Landscape/Outdoor Collection. There’s so many ways to make a difference to decrease your carbon footprint! Let’s be real…..It can feel overwhelming at first but don’t worry at all, every little thing you do matters! Start with what you have and maybe start that garden you’ve always wanted to grow! April is the perfect time to do it! Plants add oxygen to your space and have LOADS of health benefits, plus help mother nature out by adding plants to all of your spaces including your backyard, patio or even in your kitchen! Go green not just with plants but make sure to be conscious and celebrate your efforts to make a difference! Let’s not just make Earth Day the only day that we celebrate mother nature. 

Ways Lively Root is Celebrating Earth Day all year around: EARTH DAY, EVERY DAY


1. Eco Friendly Packaging

From choosing the best possible plant to perfecting the soil moisture level prior to packaging where all issues important to the process. When a plant is picked it is carefully watered (not too much & not too little) to optimize shipping success and the overall plant health. Each plant then receives a custom-made eco friendly layer of coco fabric to assist in compressing the plant soil while shipping, thus minimizing spillage. Our inserts were specially designed to hold the soil in place and protect from root damage during shipment. Once the box is assembled and the plant carefully placed in it’s insert, they are individually taped to better hold and secure the plant and soil throughout the delivery process. 

Our packaging is eco-friendly made from recycled materials, anything from used corrugated cardboard to newsprint but essentially a combination of paper and cardboard. 

Learn more about our packaging HERE!

2. Our Partnership with Arbor Day Foundation 

The Lively Root mission centers on creating more green spaces throughout our planet. We are committed to carrying out this mission through our plants, our sustainable products, and our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, who share our vision for vibrant and healthy tomorrow. With every plant purchased from us, you’re helping grow more trees and making the world a little greener. 

We're proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to the Arbor Day Foundation's global reforestation efforts. Whether you’re adding a plant to your personal collection, gifting a plant, or choosing to make a donation, our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation makes it easy for you to become involved in this vital cause. Your support goes toward our contribution goals that will help plant trees, restore watersheds, and maintain the habitats of endangered species. 

Learn more about our partnership HERE!

3. A Growing Landscape/Outdoor Collection

We believe in greener spaces so we're always updating our Outdoor Collection! As April is National Garden Month we wanted to give new gardeners and novice gardeners 20% off our Landscape/Outdoor Collection. The best way to lead a greener lifestyle is starting a garden! With Earth Day in mind we wanted a collection that would add to mother nature in all her glorious beauty! We have vibrant easy to grow bulbs, to Sago Palms and so much MORE! 

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