Hoya Rope Care Guide

Looks like she just came from the salon and had a complete body treatment. Her curly leaves look like a fresh braid of hair unfurling. When she blooms, they look like bows in her hair!
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  • Light : High

    This plant prefers bright, indirect light to promote blooming!

  • Water : Medium

    Keep the soil slightly moist and water when the soil reaches #4 on the moisture meter. Use filtered, bottled, or tap water sitting 24 hours to release the chemicals and water enough to discharge out of the drainage holes. Once the water is fully drained, place her into the cache or decorative pot. Don't let her roots sit in standing water. Water less frequently during the winter months but keep it humid around the plant.

  • Humidity : High

    Add up to 60% humidity by adding a pebble tray filled with water, grouping with other plants or using a humidifier.

  • Temp : 61℉ - 75℉

    Avoid drafts or full sun on this plant.

  • Zone : 10|11|12

    To keep your plant blooming, avoid cooler temperatures under 70°F. If planted outside, sit her in the shade but give her brighter, indirect light. She can tolerate a few hours of early morning light but avoid afternoon sun.

  • Fertilizer : Monthly

    Fertilize when watering twice a month in the spring and summer with a 1/2 strenth water-soluable fertilizer high in phosphorus to encourage blooms.

  • Repotting : 2 Years

    Repot the Hoya Rope Plant when they are root bound in the early spring in a well draining soil mix with equal parts orchid mix, cacti and succulent mix and perlite. Bump up the diameter of your container by 2 inches and ensure it has adequate drainage holes. Add a piece of screen to keep the soil from spilling out but allowing drainage. Water the plant ahead of time to hydrate. Add the mix to the bottom of the new slightly larger container. Tease the roots if they are root bound in the pot. Carefully place it in the center, adding backfill around the edges. Leave a 1/2 inch of space between the soil and the top edge to prevent water spillage. Water thoroughly and let drain.

  • Cleaning : As needed

    With sterilized pruners, trim the Hoya in the spring season to remove any dead, damaged, or diseased stems, although the leafless branches are spurs and from which flowers emerge. Avoid cutting these off to preserve the potential blooms each season.

  • Propagation : Cuttings


    Use sterilized pruners, remove 3-4 inches sections from the end of a stem (just below the node), and cut at an angle. Remove leaves from the lower part of the stem and let the white latex dry overnight. Dip each branch in the rooting hormone to encourage root growth. Then place several cuttings in a six-inch pot about two inches apart. Use lightweight moist growing medium of equal parts orchid mix, cacti mix, and perlite. Cover the potted plant loosely with a clear plastic bag to hold in humidity Set the baby cutting in warm bright, indirect light for several weeks. Check moisture needs and don't let the medium get dry. After the stems have grown roots and anchored, you can remove the plastic bag and start fertilizing.