Ric Rac Cactus Care Guide

The Ric Rac Orchid Cactus bears stems. Off these stems, orchid-like fragrant flowers bloom after the third year of growth. Their unique zig-zag stem form hangs beautifully from a basket.
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  • Light : High

    Set your Zig Zag Orchid Cactus in bright, indirect light for best results!

  • Water : Medium

    Use unsoftened, filtered, bottled, or tap water sitting 24 hours to release the chemicals and water enough to discharge the drainage holes. Once the water is fully drained, replace it into the cache or decorative pot. Water thoroughly and then let her dry out between waterings. Slow down watering in the winter months and back to normal in the spring when it's getting more light.

  • Humidity : Medium

    Average humidity levels at least 40% is adequate for this plant's needs.

  • Temp : 52℉ - 77℉

    Keep her out of extreme heat or cold temperatures in a shaded area outside or bright, indirect light inside between 52°-77°F.

  • Zone : 10|11

    For best results, bring your plant inside when temperatures drop below 50°F.

  • Fertilizer : Monthly

    Fertilize once a month in the spring and summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer for the first two years, then switch to one high in phosphorus to encourage blooms.

  • Repotting : 2 Years

    When you're ready to repot, select a container with a drainage hole and 2" larger in diameter and height. Place a piece of screening at the bottom of the container over the drainage hole to secure the soil and allow it to drain. Use an indoor container mix that is well-draining. Add a mixture of orchid bark, perlite and cacti-succulent soil to the bottom of the container. Place the plant in the center. Ensure that the top level of the soil is a 1/2 inch below the pot's top edge to discourage spillover when watering. Backfill around the edges and pack lightly down to eliminate any air bubbles. Water well to dampen the soil and let it drain.

  • Cleaning : As needed

    If your girl is getting a little straggly, give her a haircut. Take a sharp, sterilized pruner, cut straight across, and remove any damaged, diseased, or dead stems. Next, trim away any too-long branches by one-third to one-half. Use the healthy cuttings for propagation!

  • Propagation : Cuttings

    To propagate this plant during the growing season: Take a 4-6 inch stem cutting in the early spring before buds have started forming. Use a sharp knife, sterilize pruners, and cut across a healthy branch. Lay the stem cuttings in a shady spot and let the cuttings heal or callus over (it may take up to two weeks). Dip the end of the callus stem in root hormone powder. Fill a 4" x 4" container and fill it halfway. Place the stem in the center and fill around the branch with the remaining soil mix. We use an equal mixture of orchid bark, perlite, and cacti-succulent mix for good drainage. Delay watering but mist the leaves and the surface of the soil. Then in about six weeks, you can start watering. Loosely cover the cuttings with a large clear plastic bag to create some humidity around it. Spritz if the soil surface has dried. Set it in a medium to bright, indirect light to get it established.