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  • plant thermometer <3, lively root, accessory, , , ,
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Plant Thermometer <3


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3-in-1 Soil Tester with Moisture, Light and PH Test, Soil Test Kit for Indoor Plants

You'll earn the 'green thumb award' by just using this little gadget! It's so smart it can give you three different readings to keep your plants looking green and healthy! First, it's a moisture meter. Toggle the switch to 'moisture' and penetrate the soil with the probes down to the root system. It will give you a reading of numbers that indicates if it's on the wet or dry side. Second, it's a light meter. Set the probe in the soil facing the brightest light to get a good reading on whether your plant will receive enough sunlight in its current place! Next, if you're gardening outside, you'll want to make sure the soil's pH value is appropriate for your landscape plants. This 3 in 1 pH, moisture, and light meter will take all the guessing out of gardening, giving you all the info you need!


Do not wash or insert the probes underwater. Wipe them clean with a cloth after each use.


Use the meter as needed and remove it immediately after getting a reading to prolong the meter's life.

Be careful when inserting into rocky or hard soil to avoid any damage to the probes. It is best to cultivate hard or rocky soil before testing in the garden.

Extra information:

No batteries are needed. Clear and easy to read dashboard for each reading.

pH range:

<3.5-6.5 Acidic

6.5-7.5 Neutral

7.5-8.5> Alkaline

Moisture range:

1-3 Dry

4-7 Medium

8-10 Wet


0-200 Very Low

200-500 Low

500-1000 Medium

1000-2000 High
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