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Dill Bouquet

Ocimum Species

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Bring this heavy hitter into your kitchen and you won't be disaapointed. This fresh Dill Bouquet is a must have for any culinary aficionado! It adds a Mediterranean flair and is perfect for adding an extra zing to any dish. With its fragrant leaves, this fresh Dill packs a flavorful punch. Spice up your space (and cooking) with this flavorful addition!

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Dill Bouquet
Dill Bouquet
About Dill Bouquet

Dill leaves are known as the Dill herb, while dill seeds are used as a spice. This fresh herb, sent straight from our nursery to your kitchen, is perfect for pickles, potato salad, or anything needing a bit of a Mediterranean zing! 

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Origins: South East Europe

South East Europe

Fun Facts: The name dill com...

The name dill comes from the old English word dilla, meaning “to lull” because it has been used to soothe stomach pain.

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Dill Bouquet

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