• Joe Joe Red Kangaroo Paw in 1-gallon varies grower planter

Joe Joe Red Kangaroo Paw


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  • Pet Warning:Toxic To Ingest

  • Care Level:I'm Easy

These sweet red compact kangaroo paws have a spotlight on their bloom.  Just as the coral in the ocean creates a home for marine life, these beautiful blooms create a healthy lively feast for hummingbirds. Watch them buzzing around your soft new buds.

The Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos) is a bird pollinator flower. Their tubular blooms come in various brilliant colors and are sometimes covered by contrasting colorful filaments that give a velvety appearance. These sun-loving flowers last from 7 to 14 days. They range in height from 12 inches to 6 feet tall. Use them as an annual in tropical climates and annuals in colder climates.

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Joe Joe Red Kangaroo Paw
Joe Joe Red Kangaroo Paw
About Joe Joe Red Kangaroo Paw

In bushfire-affected landscapes, the Kangaroo paw seed produces a substance that releases cyanide. The cyanide, in turn, helps landscapes revive after fires. Many plants use this toxicity as a defense against herbivores. Fortunately, this cycle helps the ecosystem regenerate after a forest fire.

Care Level: I'm Easy

Very easy to grow and care for.

Pet Friendly: Warning

Toxic to pets if ingested.

Origins: Western Australia

Western Australia

Fun Facts: The Kangaroo paw ...

The Kangaroo paw plants come in various colors from yellow to orange, red, pink, and white. Their blooms have a soft fuzz that mimics velvet. The Kangaroo paw is Western Australia's floral emblem. The shorter variety of Kangaroo Paw's perform well at the front of the garden bed or in a container pot in full sun. Their bright colors attract hummingbirds making them a great add-on in the garden space! Need a punch of color in your garden beds? Use this beauty to attract hummers in a sunny spot. Give them a good drink every week to help their blooms last longer.

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Joe Joe Red Kangaroo Paw

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