• moon phase seed kit

Moon Phase Seed Kit


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  • certified-quality
  • grade-a
  • virus-free

Our Moon Phase Birds & Bees Pollinator Seeds are made from recycled materials and packed full of beautiful blooming flowers! They are made up from Recycled Paper, Clay, and Open Pollinated Seeds (Calendula Officinalis, Baby's Breath, Candytuft, Baby Blue-Eyes Bluebell, California Clover, White Alyssum, Purple Cone Flower). We package these seeds with a 1 LB package of our soil, a pot, and a bloom-focused fertilizer to get your started on your first pot full of flowers!

This bundle includes:

  • One Plant O' Pebbles Soil bag
  • One Medium (6") Puckered White Ceramic Pot
  • Moon Phase Seed Kit
  • Dyna-Grow Bloom 3-12-6 Fertilizer
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