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Rosemary Christmas Tree

Rosmarinus officinalis

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Size: Small
Pot: Eco Planter

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  • Pet Safe:Yes

  • Care Level:I'm Easy

  • Overall Size: 6" to 8" W 18" to 24" H

Enjoy the intense aromatic smell of Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) as you brush it with your hand or along the garden path. It's gray-green, needle-like leaves grow up to 1.5" long and closely spaced together. White or blue flowers eventually bloom on this herb, making it more appealing in the garden. Use as an ornamental in the garden or a garden pot. Add it to your culinary dishes with meats and veggies or make scented sachets.

Plant - Rosemary Christmas Tree
Plant - Rosemary Christmas Tree

About Rosemary Christmas Tree

Besides being a culinary herb and delicious with vegetables and meat, it has many health benefits! Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and improves blood circulation. It even helps memory performance and boosts alertness and focus! A sprig of rosemary a day keeps the doctor away!

Care Level: I'm Easy

Easy for beginners

Pet Friendly: Yes

Safe for pets & people to eat :)


Mediterranean regions of southern Europe to western Asia.

Fun Facts

Attracts pollinators and is deer resistant

Virtually disease and pest free

Use in cottage gardens, vegetable gardens, Mediterranean gardens, city and rock gardens or in containers

Folklore claims it symbolizes remembrance and fidelity.

Plant - Rosemary Christmas Tree

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for spaces with high humidity environment or climate
  • Great for spaces with higher ceilings
  • Great for spaces with medium indirect light
  • Great for spaces with shelving or with an upward climbing trellis

Rosmarinus officinalis Care Guide

  • High

    Full direct sun outside (6-8 hrs.) Indoors bright direct sun.

  • Low

    Water when the soil dries out thoroughly.

  • High

    Humidity levels need to be between 45-55%. Spritz daily and add extra humidity.

  • 55 to 80

    Indoors: 55-80°F
    Air circulation is important to prevent mold and mildew spores from forming on the leaves.

  • 8|9|10|11

    Outdoors full sun (6-8 hrs.) where nights are above 10°F. Indoors in bright direct sun areas. When bringing indoors, cut back by 1/3 to overwinter.

  • Yearly

    Fertilize once a year in spring.

  • Rarely

    Repot infrequently since it may cause shock. Use well-draining soil mix.

  • As needed

    Prune to 1/3 before overwintering inside. Outside, prune after bloom to encourage bushiness and growth.

  • Cuttings

    Trim 3-4 inches off young shoots (without flowers) from the plant in the early morning when it's hydrated. Remove any lower leaves to contain the moisture in the stem. Trim right below the leaf node (where the leaf has sprouted). Use hormone rooting powder to dip the tips of the stems into to coat. Fill pots with a damp rooting soil mix that is well-draining with grit and compost mixed into it. Insert each stem in individual tray modules or small containers with drainage. Cover rosemary with a clear plastic bag to retain moisture and leave in a sheltered place with bright, indirect light. Check every two weeks for root development. Keep compost moist as the roots develop. Fertilize with a diluted rooting fertilizer solution periodically.  Pot into a container or plant in the garden the following spring. Begin the hardening off (acclimating to the outside) stage by placing the plant outdoors in a protected spot a few hours per day when temperatures are above 45°F. Increase the outdoor exposure each day by the amount of time so they can adjust. Do more and more time each day and observe the breezes, day and night temperatures and avoid any extremes. This process might take from 1-2 weeks to acclimate your new rosemary plants. Enjoy and share with your culinary foodies!

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