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Vista Verde Mirror Bush 'Coprosma'

Coprosma repens "Vista Verde"

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Pot: Eco Planter

The berries on this plant can cause digestive stress for your pets.

  • Pet Warning:Toxic To Ingest

  • Care Level:I'm Easy

What's mesmerizingly shiny and enchantingly green?  The Vista Verde Mirror Plant!  This mirror plant grows large and creates a lovely green space in pots on your patio or in your landscaping.  Easily shaped, you can prune this beauty Edward Scissor Hands style and make your new favorite plant into a puppy (if you so desire). 

'Verde Vista' is a mound-forming, evergreen shrub with small, crowded, narrowly elliptic, narrowly oblong, or ovate, glossy, bright green leaves and inconspicuous flowers in late spring.

This easy-care pyramidal shrub, the Mirror Plant (Coprosma regens) delights with marbled hues to intensify the winter garden and brighten summer landscapes in warmer climates. Its dramatic foliage color makes them a favorite. Place in groupings or combine with colorful succulents.

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Vista Verde Mirror Bush 'Coprosma'
Vista Verde Mirror Bush 'Coprosma'
About Vista Verde Mirror Bush 'Coprosma'

Need long-lasting color in the garden? Add this specimen to provide multicolored foliage, flowers, and berries. Their variegated leaves make a great anchor for any border.

The variegated leaves remind us of a kaleidoscope with colorful, shiny leaves throughout the seasons. Give them plenty of sun and medium water to make a definite statement in the garden.

Care Level: I'm Easy

Very easy to grow and care for.

Pet Friendly: Warning

The berries on this plant can cause digestive stress for your pets if ingested.

Origins: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

Fun Facts: The Coprosma adap...

The Coprosma adapts to their environment well. If in an exposed landscape, they take on more of a groundcover habit. In a more sheltered landscape, they can grow up to 26 feet in height. The Mirror Plant's shiny, waxy layer on the leaves help them survive by conserving water. The Mirror Plant is a favorite plant for coastal gardens due to their endurance to saltwater spray.

Coprosma repens "Vista Verde" Care Guide

Vista Verde Mirror Bush 'Coprosma'

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