10 Best Houseplants for Beginners Ranked

By: Hannah McWhorter
January 3, 2023
10 Best Houseplants for Beginners Ranked
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Fostering a green thumb doesn't happen overnight. It takes experience, along with trial and error, to really learn and grow as a plant parent. From learning how plants react to your spaces to understanding plant watering needs, it takes time and practice to start growing some of the more finicky plant varieties.

New plant parents are often led astray by lists of plants that claim to be immune to the most common pitfalls of plant care. Oftentimes, however, these lists don't warn you that some of these plants can be sensitive compared to some of their other easycare family members. We have put together a more nuanced, ranked lists for those looking to find easy plants that will really fit your strengths and weaknesses!

Money Tree

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 2

Money Trees are intensely popular plants and are often advertised as the most easy care plant around. While we agree that they are on the easier side, there are a few ways that they can be set up for failure. Money Trees don't do as well in a super dry environment, and often do better in slightly more humid environments. They also have shorter roots on average, so may need water a bit sooner than other similar plants (but still can be victim to root rot, careful!). With all that being said, these guys are pretty easy to care for as long as you keep an eye out for these issues!

Spider Plant

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 1

One of the easiest of the easiest, Spider Plants are extremely easy care. These plants even are happy in low humidity environments, something that can cause many problems for homes without an advanced plant setup. Beyond being super low care, spider plants are also great introductions to propagation, as they show you exactly when they are ready to have their mini-spiders trimmed and repotted!


English Ivy

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 2

English Ivy is often thought of as Pothos-levels of easy, but they can be a bit trickier. These plants need medium humidity to be happy, which can be really hard to regulate in certain plant setups. Beyond that they are not finicky, but this one trick can cause problems especially in drier climates.


Golden Pothos

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 1

Compared to our last vine-y plant, the Golden Pothos is a breeze. While they can dry out if extremely neglected and do better with a little bit of humidity, they can thrive in extreme circumstances. These are amazing starter plants, and we highly suggest picking them up if you are looking for a fast-growing starter!



Dracaena Plants

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 4

While still easy enough to be classified as 'easy care' Dracaena can be finicky compared to others in that category. These plants prefer to be not too dry, but also not too wet. They can't stand being totally dried out for too long without getting ornery, but also can suffer from issues with overwatering. Finding this balance can take a little technique and attention. Another solution is to use tools to help with a plant that is a bit more needy like this one, such as a digital moisture meter.



Snake Plants

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 1

Snake plants are amazing - they thrive in medium light and low humidity environments, but also can survive in lower light situations. On top of that, these plants like to be root bound so they don't need to be repotted as often as other plants. These plants are extremely hardy and a great pick for anyone starting out with fostering their green thumbs.



Peperomia Ginny

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 2

For easy pet-friendly plants, Peperomias are a great pick. They thrive in medium light and low humidity similar to Snake plants, however they do prefer medium humidity environments making them a bit more complicated. If you can manage that, these plants do amazingly in many spaces and grow beautifully too!



ZZ Plants

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 1

Known for being great tabletop or desk plants, ZZ Plants are great in low humidity environments and can last a long time without water. In fact, they thrive in dry soil! They like to be fertilized every 2 months (outside of the winter). These plants are great for an office or dining room table, providing easy care greenery that looks architectural and unique!



Dieffenbachia Plants

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 3

A unique plant in the easy care category, Dieffenbachia are beautiful leafy plants that come in beautiful variegation types. These plants are fine with bright to medium light. The reason we rank them a 3 is that they need medium humidity and prefer to be kept consistently moist.



Ponytail Palms

Easy Care Ranking 1 - 5 (easiest to hardest): 1

These pet-friendly plants are shockingly hardy. Ponytail Palms are a desert plant so it prefers bright light, but that also means it is totally happy with low humidity homes and can handle getting dry. These plants also like to be rootbound, so you don't have to worry about repotting them as often!