5 Reasons to Buy a Coworker a Plant For Employee Appreciation Day

By: Ashley Prybycien
March 1, 2021
5 Reasons to Buy a Coworker a Plant For Employee Appreciation Day
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Employee Appreciation Day is Friday March 4th, 2022, so what better way to share “I appreciate you” with your work family, than a LIVELY plant. Since most of us are navigating working from home, maybe you just want to spruce up your zoom calls or make a coworkers day by sending them a plant to their door! Employee Appreciation Day might look a little different this year….but seriously who doesn’t love new plants? Especially when they get delivered straight to your door! It could be a gift to yourself for hitting your sales goals, or celebrating a coworker on a new baby! The reasons are endless but here’s 5 we want to share!

 Employee Appreciation Plants on Desk

1. To show them you appreciate all of their hard work

What better way to show that coworker of yours that you see them working so hard all the time! Plants are a meaningful gift because they are living things and if you care for them they’ll thrive just like humans do! Keep up the good work! 

2. To boost productivity

Plants do more than we know and adding them to your work space will not only increase your well-being they’ll also increase your productivity. So maybe gift yourself a plant to help with your productivity or gift a coworker one! 

3. They’re having a new baby

To celebrate a new addition to their family, send them a new plant baby as well! Plants are gender neutral so they really do make great gifts!

4. To spruce up their WFH space

Working from home isn’t ideal but gifting a coworker a plant for their WFH space is! With a click of a button you can send them a meaningful gift that will last for years! 

5. They got a promotion

Flowers are always a good gift for any celebration but they don’t last that long. So celebrate the promotion by sending them a plant to really make them feel special! 

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