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House Plants Make a Better Corporate Gift

Whether it's for your client, a new business partner, or an employee, we at Lively Root encourage you to consider that house plants for corporate gifts are a better idea and for excellent reasons. "Green gifting" is a sign of the eco-friendlier times, and naturally, you should be on board too. When you give plants as gifts, you will have an easier time with a gift everyone can appreciate regardless of who they are. Best of all, house plants for corporate gifts are always memorable as they are meaningful since they're more long-lasting like you hope your professional relationships will be. Embracing the gift of green will also put you and your brand in a positive light ecologically and socially.

Corporate gift-giving has always been about strengthening your client relationships and your brand. We might be biased, but Lively Root feels that house plants for corporate gifts are a step forward in giving something as timeless as they are significant, since plants will proudly flourish in the recipient's office for many years to come. On this page, you'll find the best house plants for corporate gifts to make a powerful statement. For example, our Money Tree symbolizes good luck wherever it's placed and is easy to care for, too, making it an all-time favorite for any event. On the other hand, our little Lemon Button fern is just the right size for the office and has a pleasing lemony scent to keep recipients productive and in good spirits.

With the wide variety of house plants for corporate gifts offered by Lively Root, choosing the right one to send is the hard part. Sure, there was a time when sending live plants as gifts was time-consuming and expensive, but we've made it a thing of the past. Our plants are home-grown at our nursery, and with one click, you can send house plants for corporate gifts to your recipient's door.