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Why Give House Plants For Corporate Gifts?

There are many tried and true reasons you won’t go wrong giving house plants for corporate gifts. Plants are as beautiful as they are practical, especially nowadays when people rarely leave their homes and offices. Plants can work their miracles by making you feel relaxed,
cleaning the air you breathe (some plants better than others), and boosting your mood, so you’re more creative, focused, and productive throughout the day. Along with the gift of good health, house plants for corporate gifts are a “forever” gift, guaranteed to be long lasting with the proper care.

A Plant For Every Occasion

Flowers have had their day in the sun as everyone's go-to gift for every occasion and sentiment. Today, house plants for corporate gifts are a quick way to connect your brand to eco-mindedness and social responsibility. Whether gifted to an employee or client, they'll treasure the Cordyline Glauca Good Luck Plant for its gift of beauty and good luck. Meanwhile, giving the Fresh Live Succulent Wreath (in various sizes) isn't only for the holiday season. This wreath is alive and growing, so it can last years and years. Our house plants for corporate gifts will provide all the benefits of plants wherever they place them.

Plants Perfect For Home Or Office

House plants for corporate gifts are everything a busy person needs. Our house plants cover all the bases for great gift-giving regardless of plant experience, whether you're giving or receiving. At Lively Root, we preach our belief that everyone deserves a plant, so we've included a great many newbie-friendly plants in this collection. When you send house plants for corporate gifts, there's no need to worry they won't fit a location or lifestyle because while each plant is unique, they're user-friendly too.

You’ll Be Proud Of Green Gifting

The best reason for corporations and enterprises of all sizes to choose house plants for corporate gifts is that it's a simple gesture to your uncompromising commitment to the environment. Naturally, Lively Root cares about our plants as we care about how we impact the Earth. It's why we prioritize not just our environmentally-friendly products but maintaining our sustainable operations too. As you can see, house plants for corporate gifts are practical, fun, and heartfelt on so many levels.