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Employee Appreciation Plant Gifts: Questions & Answers

Employee Appreciation Day Made Unforgettable With Plants


Celebrated on the first Friday of March, Employee Appreciation Day recognizes the accomplishments of employees everywhere. While not an entirely new idea for the office, this semi-official holiday nevertheless reinforces bonds between employers, employees, and co-workers by giving an employee appreciation gift to thank someone for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. We suggest giving plants if you seek employee appreciation ideas that genuinely capture the spirit of innovation embraced by Employee Appreciation Day. There's no better way to express your sincere thanks than staff appreciation ideas as beautiful, practical, and unforgettable as plants.

Top-Notch Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas


Because Lively Root firmly believes that everyone deserves a plant, especially on Employee Appreciation Day, we've gathered thoughtful employee appreciation day ideas with plants as one-of-a-kind as your employees and co-workers. The Peace Lily inspires all-around good spirits with its aura of gentle beauty, so it's warm and welcoming wherever they place it. Moreover, its scientifically proven to have superior air-purifying abilities, making it a must-have for the office. They'll likewise adore the Sansevieria Moonshine, an office-friendly variety of Sansevieria or Snake Plants. This easy-to-care-for plant will make Employee Appreciation Day a brilliant blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary function, so it's sure to satisfy everyone's taste.

The Natural Choice For Staff Appreciation Day


Because Employee Appreciation Day directly affects your employee's job satisfaction and workplace morale, plants are one of the best employee recognition ideas you can gift on this day to honor employees everywhere. Plants do more than add a touch of beauty to the workplace. They bring many work-related benefits, like boosting office performance and focus, reducing stress and anxiety, and making the workplace happier and healthier. As you can see, gifting plants on Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect way to commemorate the special occasion.


Try A Fresh Perspective With Plants


If we've sold you on why Employee Appreciation Day is best celebrated with plants, you can get them straight from the source at Lively Root. We deliver directly from our nursery to your office in an authentic, eco-friendly farm-to-table fashion. Best of all, we promptly ship throughout the continental United States, so you and your employees celebrate Employee Appreciation Day freshly and creatively this year!