Eleven Engagement Gifts to Spark Joy

By: Lively Root
January 20, 2023
Eleven Engagement Gifts to Spark Joy
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Have you just heard the happy news that your friends are tying the knot? Let the celebration and festivities begin! ​​The engagement party is the first event on the social calendar before the wedding, and you don’t want to show up empty-handed. Show a little (or a lotta) love to the happy couple with a blossoming plant from Lively Root.

Engagement gifts should be unique, just like the couple. And what better way to celebrate their blossoming love than a plant? While bouquets of flowers are a traditional way of showing love, plants are a timeless gift. Their plant and relationship can grow together. Just like a relationship, when you care for something, it can flourish into something beautiful. This a daily reminder to the couple that everyone and everything needs a little bit of TLC. Plants make a memorable way to wish your heartfelt congratulations on their engagement. So send them wishes of a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and love through the powerful symbolism of plants!

The best engagement gifts are the ones that take into consideration the couple’s personalities and passions. We offer collections of various plants for every kind of couple.
Bring the happy couple’s home to life by helping them create their green sanctuary with a timeless plant. We promise they will fall in love with their new plant baby just as much as they’ve fallen for each other.

Can’t make the engagement party? No worries, we’ve got you covered. You can still let the newly-engaged couple know that you’re thinking about them and wishing them all the best. We can quickly deliver your engagement gift right to their front doorstep before the party!
Browse our collection of engagement plants from the comfort of your own home, office, or on the go, then send your best wishes off in just a few clicks. We’ve picked our top eleven best engagement party gift ideas for every couple.

Money Trees

Gifting the gorgeously green Money Tree wishes prosperity to the couple. According to Feng Shui, Money Trees are said to bring good luck, wealth, and fortune wherever they may go (we all know weddings cost a fortune). The intricately braided trunk is believed to be able to lock in the good fortune within its neatly intertwining stems. The bright evergreen five leaves represent the five elements of Feng Shui of balance: earth, fire, water, wind, and metal. Making it an excellent example for couples to live in harmony and balance with one another. There are so many things to love about Money Trees, making them the perfect engagement gift for two intertwined lovers.

Miniature Rose Subscription

For the engaged couple, the time between “Yes” and “I do” is filled with excitement and joy, so try gifting them a series of roses that will arrive throughout their entire engagement! Roses are, of course, a staple choice because of their beautiful, sweetly scented blooms. The flowers represent the happy couple’s love and emotions and are timeless symbols. Each year, this living gift offers life, color, and natural beauty as a reminder of their engagement. Our subscription box includes hand-picked roses that will vary, including the potential for variations of reds, pinks, whites, oranges, and yellows! Bring the garden’s beauty inside with this engagement gift that will blossom for future seasons.

Fresh Live Succulent Heart Wreath

This heart wreath says it all. Hand-made out of love, this wreath can be hung to be a daily reminder that love is in the air to all that pass by. This unique grapevine wreath made with a combination of moss and quality succulent rosettes is the perfect living piece of art and a must-have for any home. In the language of flowers, succulents give a feeling of longevity. By sending this wreath, you will wish the couple a lifetime of enduring and timeless love. What a perfect engagement gift to have the happy couple feeling all the love!

Ruby Rubber Tree

Engagements are like trees. Well-watered and taken care of, it will grow strong, tall, and blossom into a beautiful, healthy marriage. The darling Ruby Rubber Tree is a unique tropical plant that will stand out amongst other plants, adding architectural interest to any room. Its lush leaves have a unique tri-color painted effect. This plant will surely shimmer rose gold hues from the ruby-reds, coral pinks, and glossy greens in the sunlight. The couple will love this plant’s extra burst of color and style! Not to mention, this popular houseplant is popular amongst many due to its ease of care. This tropical plant is a great engagement gift for couples seeking tropical adventures.

Hoya Heart

We’ve got our (hoya) heart set on this little guy. For something simple but sweet, this adorable heart-shaped house plant can make any couple’s heart flutter with joy. The Hoya Heart is made of one single green leaf rooted without nodes to maintain its single statuesque form. Even though this is a little guy, it can be fun to show your love for the happy couple. There are all heart eyes over this tiny one because of how easy it is to take care of because it’s a thick-semi succulent leaf. It’s one tiny heart that can’t be broken! This little house plant will last forever with tender loving care. It’s an engagement gift with a big heart ready to give lots of love to its plant parents!

Westringia Wynyabbie Gem Coastal Rosemary

This radiant rosemary shrub is filled with romance. With evergreen whirled leaves and shimmering bluish-purple flowers, this beautiful plant can produce prolific blooms for the couple’s garden. This plant will fill the air with heavenly scents of lavender-like and minty undertones. It is a beautiful plant, and this engagement gift can provide privacy to the couple’s home as it grows to tremendous heights. Rosemary is unique in many ways, including its rich meanings of love and fidelity. It is said that giving a sprig of rosemary to future newlyweds will inspire faithfulness in one another.

ZZ Plant

The lush and leafy ZZ plants are a favorite amongst many plant lovers. The ZZ plant is known as the Zanzibar gem. It is characterized by its spotless, shiny, dark oval green leaves that grow gracefully upwards. Their leaves’ hardiness expresses life’s longevity, making it known as the “eternity plant.” Because of its resiliency, grounding, and longevity characteristics, it is perfect for wishing the new couple a lifetime of strength and happiness. Our ZZ plant is truly a gem for inexperienced plant parents because of its nearly indestructible leaves. An ideal engagement gift for a couple who still loves plants but has the tendency to be a little forgetful at times.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The gorgeous green fiddle leaf figs are one of the most iconic house plants to ever exist. Their large, dramatic leaves and tall stature will make a statement in any house. However, this plant may not be the right fit for everyone. This plant needs a little more attention and is geared toward green-thumbed couples. These figs can be a bit fickle sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stop loving them. Each plant is unique and can fluctuate in size and shape from time to time. But don’t worry, we will be sure to ship this engagement gift with our how-to-care-for cards with instructions to keep both the plant and the couple happy!

Syngonium White Butterfly

This plant will have everyone’s heart fluttering. The Syngonium White Butterfly is both subtle and stunning. Its light green heart-shaped foliage and creamy-white veins create an illusion of evergreen butterflies. The butterflies symbolize new dawning, youthfulness, and fresh ideas. This is one of our favorite low-maintenance houseplants that helps to induce a calming ambiance. This plant is the perfect balance of Yin and Yang energy. Just like how couples exchange energy, so do plants. This plant will hopefully inspire and help the couple grow with one another forever. Inspired by love, this engagement gift will fill the couple with neverending beauty and growth.

Pothos Pearl Jade

No two engagements are the same, and neither are the leaves of the pothos pearl jade. With dainty mint and cream-colored leaves, this pothos is the marble queen. It truly is one of the more lavish pothos on the market. This air-purifying plant would love nothing more than to cascade over a hanging basket because of its determination and desire to grow long vines. Pothos are great communicators making them a perfect engagement gift idea for first-time plant parents! They will wilt when they receive too much light or are thirsty but have a kindly forgiving nature towards their new plant parents.

Peace Lily

A plant fit for a queen and king! The Peace Lily is a beautiful, long-lasting alternative to the traditional bouquets, with spade-like dark green foliage that compliments the plentiful glossy white blooms. These blooms have a light sweet fragrance that makes for a peaceful way to wake up in the morning. Peace lilies are remarkable plants that bring harmony, peace, and purity. This plant’s sheer presence can enhance the ambiance of any home. Easy to care for and an effortlessly elegant engagement gift that will thrive and more likely to bloom in low areas with low indirect light. This dependable, carefree houseplant is renowned for its air-purifying abilities. Wish the couple with blissful years with this enchanting beauty.