Green Gifts for the Newlyweds

By: Lively Root
January 20, 2023
Green Gifts for the Newlyweds
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For many, spring means that the wedding season is quickly approaching, which means trying to find the most unique wedding gifts for the soon-to-be newlyweds in your life. While some couples may have a registry set in stone, we recommend stepping outside the box, well, in this case, the pot. If you’re looking to venture off-registry and give something unexpected that could remind them of their special day, gift them a plant that will grow alongside them for years to come! 

Giving the bride and groom a long-living plant can be a one-of-kind wedding gift. A new plant is a perfect way to symbolize the next chapter of their lives together. Plants are an icon for new beginnings, making them a thoughtful gift. They are timeless in that they can last for years to bring joy and everlasting happiness. They will continue to grow and adapt to brighten the many spaces of a couple’s lives and can help elevate and beautify their new home together. Plants will bring serenity and ambiance to the home, serving as a calming reminder for them to take one day at a time to appreciate the small things in life. The symbolism between a plant and a newlywed couple is a match like no other. Give them a gift that flourishes, and watch them flourish together.

We have gathered some of our favorite plants that make great wedding gift ideas that newlyweds will admire. 

Flamingo Flower 

Anthuriums, also known as the Flamingo Flower, make a tremendous welcoming appearance in a new couple’s home year-round. The Flamingo Flower’s appearance is like no other. Its glossy, large heart-shaped leaves in various shades of evergreen blossom into vivid exotic-looking flowers. Throughout the year, the flowers can change colors ranging from a diverse palette of vibrant scarlets to pleasing pinks and warm shades of purples. Our blooms vary throughout the seasons and may not arrive as pictured. However, we ship our plants in buds, so as the wedding gift comes to the newlyweds, they will experience the fresh bloom in their homes together!

Symbolism: Flamingo Flowers are filled with rich meanings of long-lasting love, friendship, and romance. Gifting a Flamingo Flower is a perfect gift idea for the bride as it can show a pure, heartfelt relationship of friendship between each other. The heart-shaped foliage can remind a couple of love and attract positive vibes of abundance and hospitality- making any room feel welcoming. Their bright colors brighten up any room and uplift any spirit! 

Peace Lily 

The graceful and beautiful Peace Lily is one of the most popular houseplants. Its elegant nature of pure white flowers rises above the deep-green glossy foliage giving it a simplistic look to fit in any couple’s home. Unlike a bouquet of flowers that might look beautiful for a few days, peace lilies will blossom for years to come as bringers of peace, making it a graceful gift idea for the bride and groom. 

You are giving the couple a beautiful plant to enhance the ambiance and elegance of their home, and you are giving them a great air purifier, too (best of both worlds). Peace lilies are known for their air-purifying abilities to remove toxins and provide fresh oxygen in their home!

Symbolism: Lillies have been long associated with devotion, hope, and serenity in life. They can infuse the home with symbols of hope for the future. Gifting this everlasting flower will portray the message of optimism and inspiration for their new lives together.

All year long, the Peace Lily will bloom and grow to illustrate how adaptable it is and how the couple can bloom, too, even when times may get rough. (because we all know marriage isn’t easy). This wedding gift plant wishes the couple an eternal life together of hope, peace, and harmony. 

Heart Leaf Fern 

The adorable Heart Leaf Fern is meant for the romantics. This plant is known for its uniquely heart-shaped whimsical green leaves, and its delicate appearance of deep burgundy fuzzy-little sprouting stems and floating dainty hearts leaves everyone in awe. This darling little fern can make any home feel cozy and inviting the moment you walk in. Even though this dear plant does not produce any flowers, there is still a lot to love about this little plant. With the semi-compact size of this fern, it is an easy wedding gift idea for couples because they can place their new plant baby in smaller spaces, unlike other larger houseplants. 

Symbolism: Ferns symbolize eternal life, longevity, and growth since they have been around on Earth for hundreds of million years (talk about a long-term relationship). With age, plants have become stronger and more resilient-just like love. Plants such as ferns can teach others about their relationships, like marriage. Plants like to let us know when they need more or less water, they respond to their environment, and humans react to ours too. Knowing how to care for plants will help to improve real-life relationships. 

Sweetheart Vine

Now here is a plant with a sweet heart. The Sweetheart Vine is a perfect, thoughtful wedding gift because of its beautiful leaf shape. Like the name, this plant offers glossy, electric pinkish-yellow colored heart-shaped leaves. The sweetheart plant is a vining Philendron that originates from the Greek words-‘philo’ which means “love” or “affection,” and ‘dendron’ which is a “tree.” This plant can be a unifying gift idea for the bride and groom to draw and help channel their love connection as it grows through the coming years. The Sweetheart Vine is genuinely one for the romantics. 

Symbolism: The Sweetheart Vine symbolizes love, health, and abundance in Feng Shui, which is an ancient art or practice about the flow of energy. This plant’s energy and climbing growth habits can help be a symbolic representation of the love of nature and the growth of their relationship. Because this plant can survive without water for extended periods, it can also teach about forgiveness and adaptation to new environments. While this doesn’t mean we don’t recommend not watering the plants, but can provide the opportunity to see that marriages, like plants, need a healthy nature of care and loving relationship to grow to new lengths. 

Snow White Roses

The rose expresses graceful thoughts of comfort and elegance. This blossoming beauty will be a gorgeous wedding gift idea for the bride and groom. The everblooming beauty will gift the newlyweds beautiful creamy-white rose-like flowers that peak out from the glossy, deep green leaves below. White roses are often chosen for wedding bouquets; hence, giving them a gorgeous pot of these roses can remind them of their special day!

The showy flowers hold a heavenly fragrance of sweet floral aromas of zesty citrus, with underlying whispers of creamy coconut tones to finish. The scent settles like a warming memory into the soul, making it a perfect plant to be placed near the patio entryway of a home or arranged in the landscape where its fragrance can be enjoyed and admired. The dreams of both beauty and delightful fragrances are fulfilled with this blooming wedding gift idea. 

Symbolism: The rose flower symbolizes gentleness, purity and romance. Because of its single white hue flowering, it represents clarity to the pure attraction of positive energy and the virtue of a relationship. The gorgeous white flowers are perfect for a new chapter in a relationship. The blossoming of the gardenia flower can be a token of their everlasting love, devotion, and longing to grow with one another. 

Birds of Feather Duo

Flamingo Flower and Bird of Paradise sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby plants as a wedding gift! That’s how it goes, right? The Birds of Feather Duo make the perfect gift for the two lovebirds! 

The luscious look of the Flamingo Flower will win over the bride’s heart, and its bright red heart-shaped leaves will brighten up and bring life and joy into any room. The impressive Bird-of-Paradise is a captivating bloom with broad, colorful, arching banana-shaped leaves of yellow, blue, scarlet, and green. It makes a dramatic, stunning, and vivid piece to any home that could leave a sense of accomplishment and pride within the groom. Its majestic foliage will never cease to make a statement. These two birds belong together, making them an elevated gift idea for the bride and the groom! 

Symbolism: The uniquely beautiful flower of the Bird-of-Paradise is associated with identity, faithfulness, and the surprise of romance. All of which is fitting for its unusual exotic appearance. With their large, colorful blooms, the Bird-of-Paradise embodies the confidence it takes to stand out in a crowd. Thus, it is a unique wedding gift for couples trying to find their path in life and their identities together as a couple, all while remaining faithful to one another. While the tropical flower may symbolize more serious topics, it can also remind the couple to enjoy some fun, rest, and relaxation, like going on a tropical paradise vacation or honeymoon!