How to Take Care of Your New Plant Baby

Make sure you're well equipped when your plant arrives by reading up on how to grow that "green thumb" you've always been wanting.

By: Debbie Neese
October 11, 2021
How to Take Care of Your New Plant Baby
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Many new plant owners are concerned about how to take care of their new plant baby! We make sure you're well equipped when your plant arrives by setting you up for success with loads of information so you can grow that "green thumb" you've always been wanting. 

Cachet Pot or Baskets

Now you have your plant baby out of the box and inspected, and in the dress or pants you picked out for it! We love the gray dress "Georgia" is sporting, and the hula skirt "Ginny" is in! (aka cachet pot and small basket) If you didn’t order a cachet pot or basket, be sure to get one to slip the grower pot into. It can be slightly bigger than the grower pot so it’s easier to remove when watering.

Check It with a 3 in 1 Meter

You'll want to make sure your plants feel comfortable, so we recommend checking the soil moisture. Since our fingers are not always long enough to stick deep down close to the roots, we use our 3 in 1 meter to check the moisture.

To measure, switch the toggle to moisture. Then stick the prongs about halfway between the stem and the edge of the pot.


Check the reading. If it's registering damp, that's perfect. Wait until it needs water and check in a few days. We recommend using this before watering because it gives a better understanding of the water content, so it's not over or underwatered. Keep rechecking the wetness in a few days to monitor.

Best Watering Method

Now when you water your new plant baby, take it out of the cachet pot and to the sink so it can completely drain. Then pop her back into her container to keep looking gorgeous

You can use filtered water since it removes any chlorine or fluoride, or let your tap water sit 24 hours for the chemicals to dissipate.

Or you can use distilled, bottled water or rainwater (which is the absolute best, especially if you've had thunder and lightning. The lightning releases nitrogen in the air, and the rain picks it up! That's why our grass always looks greener after a rain shower!)


Increase Humidity Around Plants

Your plant may like some humidity. If so, set your plant baby up for success. Place it next to a humidifier or alongside your other plants. We recommend adding a pebble tray to put it on to create more humidity around her.

In the winter, the air is much drier with the heat, so add as much moisture as possible. If your plant doesn't need the extra boost, then no worries. If you live in a dry climate, you’ll want to do this. We have a blog on our website about creating humidity for your plants, so read it for more information. 

The next thing is to place in the best light. Please note the light needs on your care card or before purchasing, and pick the best location in your house or apartment for lighting.

General Fertilizers to Use for Indoor Plants

Some people get anxious about when and how to fertilize their plants. We have an excellent all-around fertilizer to use. You can get more specific for some flowering plants, but this is a general fertilizer that you can use too. It is in a liquid form, and we mix it according to directions into the water you're using to water your plants. Your care card should tell you how often to fertilize. For easy reference, do it on the 1st of each month and put reminders on your phone to water and fertilize.

You don't need to start fertilizing until March and run through September. After that, it will begin to go dormant for the winter, and it will not be actively growing, so there is no need to overfeed it.


Plant Naming and Albums

Now, pick out a name for your 'new plant baby.' We think you should establish a relationship with your plants when you bring them home. Just like you do, your puppies and kittens! So, don't let them remain anonymous. They want to be part of the family too!


Now, before you forget, you have to start your plant album. Get your phone out and start a new album. Take lots of pictures of it and the box it came in. Measure how tall, wide and how many leaves it has!


Take pictures each month of your new plant and compare the growth. You'll be so surprised after a year by the transformation it takes. Talk to them every day and brag about how pretty or handsome they look. They love it. Take plant selfies! Sing to them! Never let it be said that they were ignored and unloved.

Bragging Rights

You get bragging rights too! We want to know what you are ordering or have already ordered and your plant's name. Show us and tag us on Instagram and Facebook with #livelyroot and #newplantbaby. ('Miss Debbie,’ our plant care expert, is always looking for new, creative names for her new plants!)


We hope this sets you up for how to best welcome your new little "lively root" to your home! If you have any questions about your plant, email us at