Invite Your Plant Friends To The Holiday Fun!

Decorate with your plants this Holiday Seaon!

By: Ashley Prybycien
November 19, 2021
Invite Your Plant Friends To The Holiday Fun!
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It’s that time of the year when Holiday plans are in full swing! Sometimes it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to start. When it comes to decorating or what to cook, who to invite to Friendsgiving let alone Thanksgiving, the list of "to dos"....goes on and on. Don’t worry we have you covered with the Holiday decor and all it will take is a click of a button or a tap of a screen easy peasy! So you can get back to planning all of the other things. Live plants can add depth to those insta-worthy posts and picture perfect setups. Honestly as much as they look picture perfect they smell like everything you need to have a captivating Holiday! 

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Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths aren't just for hanging on your door you can do so many creative things with them! When decorating for our plants-giving...Fiendsgiving we used the Fresh Cut Holiday Noble Fir, Juniper & Cedar it could be used for the mantle or as a centerpiece. Since we're plant people we really wanted to highlight the plants so we made those our centerpieces and used the Noble Fir as well! When throwing a fun Friendsgiving you have to stock up on dried fruit which we did just that and not only added them to the table to make the oranges and greens pop but we added them to our cocktails as well. 

Using plants from our Harvest Collection

Croton Iceton

Croton 'Mrs. Iceton' (Codiaeum variegatum 'Mrs Iceton') shows off her tones of canary yellow, blush, and coral on her linear leaves. She can reach 3-6 feet in height, making a beautiful hedge in warmer zones. She is a slow grower, but her beauty makes up for it. If using outside, she needs a very humid climate to survive well.




Watermelon Peperomia

The watermelon peperomia is the absolute best name for this plant, because each of the leaves look like tiny watermelons. They have waxy, green and silver striped leaves attached to short, reddish-purple stems. This peperomia variety is the perfect addition to your indoor plant collection.

The watermelon peperomia is easy to grow and is very adaptable, making it great for beginners. It fills up small spaces nicely, and it stays fairly compact, only growing about a foot.

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You will have all your friends and family members wanting every single one of your green plant beauties! Make sure to tag us with all of your #livelyroot Holiday plants! These also make the best gifts so wow your loved ones with live plants, the gifts that keeps growing!