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Holiday Plant Collection: Questions & Answers

The Gift of Green With Our Holiday Collection

After the feasting ends, the presents are swapped, and the guests depart, our holiday gift plants still keep on giving. That's because our house plants for holiday gift collection can last a lifetime, so they continue as a timeless reminder of the creativity and innovation you've placed into your gift-giving. Best of all, holiday gift plants are special to receive and a pleasure to own thanks to benefits that go beyond their beauty. Time and time again, plants prove to be good for your body and soul.

Holiday Gift Plants Make Unforgettable Gifts

If you want to show that you choose your present with care, nothing will be more appreciated than our holiday gift plants. As unique as it is versatile, the Heart Fresh Live Succulent Wreath is a handmade living wreath that provides its natural opulence and serene beauty whether it's hung or accents your table. On top of its good looks, it's easy to maintain. Not sure which holiday gift plants to give? Another much appreciated present is the Lively Root Gift Card, the gift that works 365 days a year to encourage the love of nature in everyone.

A Gift That Naturally Expresses Your Sentiment

Who knew the golden gift idea was green! Our holiday gift plants are a tried-and-true gift standout because it allows you to share your love of plants. At Lively Root, we believe everyone deserves a plant, even if they weren't born with a green thumb. Plants can be enjoyed by all and encourage a lifelong love of horticulture. It's why our holiday gift plants make such thoughtful gifts to inspire hope and love for the holiday season.

You And Your Plants Are Our #1 Concern

Ready to be anything but traditional this holiday season? Choose holiday gift plants to bring nature's wonders right to you or someone special. You can count on Lively Root to take care of the rest. Our dedicated team works immediately to hand select your holiday gift plants and send them right to your door. It's our commitment to the hands-on personal attention that results in an authentic farm-to-table experience that you and your plants deserve.