Put a Plant On It for Indoor Plant Week! Discover The Best Plant For Every Room

By: Hannah McWhorter
September 15, 2021
Put a Plant On It for Indoor Plant Week! Discover The Best Plant For Every Room
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Put a Plant On it

In celebration of Indoor Plant Week during the third week of September, we found ourselves wanting to grab another green friend to add to our growing collections. Looking around our windowsills and shelves, we found one thing lacking - space! If you are anything like us, you have already started to slowly fill all of your ideal plant places with propagation stations, new baby plant nurseries, and our long-time plant besties. For Indoor Plant Week, we wanted to give you some ideas for new places you can use for new additions!


For many of us, our bedrooms are one of the first places to fill with plants. Falling asleep under green boughs is not only romantic but makes you feel safe. Here are five more places you can squeeze in some plants: 


  • Decorate your bed by adding a trellising plant like a Golden Pothos on one of your bedside tables, letting it grow across your headboard.
  • Have a dresser? Put a plant on it!
  • Trellis a plant across the mirror on your vanity, framing your station with greenery.
  • Hang plants above your bed that can tolerate lower light like a Sweetheart Vine, making your green friends the first and last things you see when you sleep.
  • Create new propagation stations by hanging your glass jars and vials as wall art pieces.


Bathrooms are a hard room to place plants as they often have extremely low light. Luckily, there are some plants that thrive in these darker conditions and can add some decor for when you take candlelit baths!



  • Running out of room? A lot of bathrooms are small, so buy vertically growing plants like Snake Plants!
  • Fill your bath shelving with small plants to make your baths extra luxurious 
  • Towel rack? More like plant rack.
  • Clear some room on the back of your toilet for a plant or two! 
  • Put a plant on any small windowsills you may have, small pot succulents are great for this.

Dining Room

Your dining room is supposed to be an elegant gathering place for sharing food and stories. Surround your space with plants to set the mood!


  • Have some extra guest chairs sitting in the corner? Put a plant on it, they are your new guests!
  • Need some table decor? Small Hoya Hearts won’t take up too much room but will add a charming centerpiece.
  • Chandeliers? Why not hang some plants instead?
  • China cabinets are great for displaying your dishes… or put a plant in them instead! 
  • Big dramatic plants can replace drab decor. Remove that old pot in the corner and put a Dragon Tree instead for some drama!

Living Room

The living rooms are multipurpose, they are a relaxing space for you to spend time with your friends, and other times to lay on the couch to watch TV or play some games. These rooms also often have plenty of windows… meaning plenty of plant places!


  • TV cabinets and stands are meant to have plenty of space for a TV, Blurays… and plants!
  • Have a coffee table? Make it more exciting with a pop of color, like a Bromeliad
  • Replace some of the movies on your shelves with some plants. 
  • Wall art is great, but what about a tall plant like a Monstera instead?
  • Are there side tables by your couches? Put a plant on it!


Finding inspiration in the kitchen is wonderful, and you can spark those ideas by surrounding yourself with plants! Grow fresh herbs, decorate with greenery, and you will spend more time in your kitchen.


  • Growing fresh herbs is wonderful, try Costal or Tuscan Blue Rosemary on your windowsill! 
  • If you have a hanging pot rack, add a hanging plant to the mix. 
  • Are you accident-prone? Keep Aloe Vera growing by your sink to help treat burns.
  • Put a plant on the top of your fridge!
  • Make that stack of cookbooks more Instagram-ready with a plant on top!