Turning your Patio into a Green Space

By: Hannah McWhorter
May 18, 2022
Turning your Patio into a Green Space
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Patios and decks are a place where we can get fresh air, relax, and give ourselves a change of scenery. Nothing feels better than lounging out on your outdoor space with the sun shining on you as you drink something cool. To bring healing and relaxing vibes to your outdoor space, consider adding some extra greenery to really bring the jungle right to your back door!

Add Color and Protect Pollinators With Flowering Plants

Adding flowers that bloom to your patio not only will bring pops of color that will inspire you, but will keep pollinators like bees and butterflies happy! There are so many flowering plants to pick from, you just have to pick which colors you want to highlight! Vibrant red plants like the Mandevilla Red add warmth to a space, and their trumpet-shaped flowers are great for attracting hummingbirds! If you are a fan of succulents, Kalanchoes are a long-blooming variety that come in beautiful colors like pink, yellow, orange, and red. Looking for shades of peach, yellow, and red? Begonias are a great pick for a patio, with large 6-inch blooms! 

These flowers will help brighten up your space with some color, and make you feel good about helping the pollinators in your outdoor space. Looking to plant from seed? Consider a hummingbird or bee wildflower mix - just make sure none of the species are invasive to your area!


Create that Vaycay Vibe with some Tropical Palms

Make your outdoor space a getaway by adding some decorative palms! These plants not only grow into beautiful, big green additions to your space, but really bring a tropical, relaxing vibe to your patio. Lady Palms have stunning fan-shaped fronds and can grow quite tall - they also are extremely easy to care for! Pygmy Date Palms are a slightly smaller variety, but expect hights of even up to six to twelve feet if you give them the space and soil. Ponytail Palms are cute and quirky, with thin curly leaves that make them look like they are from a different world. All of these palms do great in the correct USDA zones outside, so take the time to look and see if they will thrive in your outdoor space!

Also, add some other tropical textures with big-leaved plants such as the Giant Bird of Paradise. Varying your textures is a great decor choice, and helps add depth to your tropical jungle! These plants are a great choice as they are easy to care for and in ideal conditions have a famous, bird-shaped bloom that they will grace your space with!


Create Utility by Adding some Herbs

Nothing beats being able to step out on your patio to collect fresh herbs or veggies in the summer months! If you are looking to try to encourage yourself to eat more greens, having fresh Kale or Lettuce right outside your door can be a great motivator, and are easy to grow and harvest.

Herbs add to any dish, but it can be hard to remember to grab what you need on your grocery store trips. Having some herbs outsides means that you always have access to take your meals to the next level. Italian Parsley, Cilantro, Oregano, and Thyme are all common and wonderful herbs that you can grow easily outside your home. 

We hope these hints helped you come up with some great ideas for your patio or deck space! Once you start your jungle space, let us know by tagging us so we can celebrate your new decor with you!