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House plant bundles for delivery: the perfect housewarming gift

One way to make a house feel like a home is by filling it with plants. That's why we think our house plant bundles make an ideal housewarming gift. They usually include four plants that fit in with a theme. For example, our Zen collection features Chinese money plants, which are thought to bring good fortune according to feng shui, and peacock plants — also known as prayer plants, because of the way they raise and lower their leaves throughout the day.

Add variety to your display with medium-sized plant bundles

Not too big and not too small, medium plants make an excellent focal point when they're placed on a table. Our medium-sized plant bundles are an excellent way to fill some space. Look for striking combinations like our snake plant collection — it includes shorter and taller varieties of the plant, so when you group them together you get to see a real difference of heights and colors. Our tropical collections, which often include striking blooms like the flamingo flower, instantly add summer vacation vibes to any room with their lush foliage.

Discover our small plants for delivery, bundled together

Thanks to their size, our small plants can slot into the most cramped spaces. We love them grouped together on shelving units, or separated and kept on bedside tables. A succulent assortment is an ideal way to bring some Instagrammable style to your home. We often bundle these weird and wonderful easy care plants together in a 16-pack, so you can have a massive assortment to play with. There's usually a variety of shapes and colors too, so you can pair spiky variegated versions with short and rounded plants.

Plant bundles to suit your needs

As well as bundling plants together based on species, type and aesthetic, we also group plants together based on their special features. For example, some of our bundles are designed for new plant parents, while others are pet-friendly. If you want to supplement your bundle, you can find plants grouped by feature on our collection page.