15% Off Plant Bundles: Questions & Answers

House Plant Bundles Open Up A New World

Don’t know the first thing about indoor plants and outdoor plants for your home? Turn to our house plant bundles collection for the freshest ideas on how to start or perfect your green space with our all-in-one-place plant delivery service. Please leave it to Lively Root to use our over a century of horticulture knowledge to put together a thoughtfully designed collection of house plants to adapt to every need. Our plant delivery bundles combine plants that perfectly complement one another while individually in a class of their own.

All You Want In One Plant Bundle

Imagine everything you need to build an oasis of practicality and beauty in one plant delivery bundle. For instance, the New Plant Parents is as effortless (and risk-free) a plant bundle as it gets, featuring nearly indestructible home plants sacrificing none of their allure. Meanwhile, the Mullen Design Every Room Collection does as its name promises by filling every room with chic green style. It’s a bold and beautiful bundle ready from our exclusive plant delivery collection.

Plant Bundles Make Plant Care A Breeze

You won’t believe the simplicity of our plant bundles collection regardless of your experience caring for plants. We’ve taken great pains to curate the best-of-breed for plant delivery not merely based on their appearance but how to make caring for them easier too. Our mission is to make the job so deceptively simple that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of plants right away. After all, when you bring the beauty of nature indoors with our plant delivery service, you get plenty of “feel good” perks, too, from better air to a more positive mood.

Plant Delivery That’s A Convenience And Joy

If you can’t wait to send a plant bundle either to yourself or a loved one, rest assured that Lively Root will be on the job getting your order to you. From our nursery to your doorstep, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. We’re committed to making plant delivery as natural as lovely and convenient a gesture as sending flowers. While our house plants can last forever, your plant delivery is guaranteed to be without delay. How fast do you need it?