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Auburn Plant Delivery

Auburn Plant Delivery

With an enormous variety of indoor and outdoor plants, Lively Root brings the beauty of nature indoors with our live plant delivery Auburn service. With Auburn, NY’s warm summers and freezing winters, residents can turn to our over 200 combined years of horticultural experience when choosing the ideal plants to grow their own green space. We’re big fans of the African Daisy Osticade™ Yellow, the surprisingly easy to care for plant that’s a basket of sunshine on a cloudy day. Add them to rock gardens and slopes for these blooms to profuse and add lots of brightness. You might likewise like the Medusa China Doll (Serpent Tree) with its airy, delicate beauty that adds elegance to any green space. Technically, a small, fast-growing tree, this variety is a low maintenance plant, nevertheless.

Best Auburn Plants

Call it a natural attraction, but Lively Root wants to inspire even more plant lovers and larger green spaces. If you’re inspired to build a green space to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, then live plant delivery Auburn will be your beautiful and practical choice to flourish! The good news is we ship free for standard delivery within 4-7 business days and at an additional cost for expedited or rush delivery. We currently ship to 48 states (like New York) within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).