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Austin Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery Austin, TX

When you yearn for nature’s best, look no further than Lively Root Austin live plant delivery for indoor plants and outdoor plants that provide several health benefits beyond aesthetics. For the region’s ever-changing climate, we recommend the Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) for the most challenging corner of your home. They’re hardy, easy to grow house plants that adapt easily to low to medium light that novice gardeners will appreciate. Everyone will likewise love the Swiss Cheese Monstera for its most unusual leaves (think swiss cheese) and laid back temperament. This eye-pleasing plant will add a touch of tropical beauty to your day every day.

Best Plant Delivery Austin

Lively Root passionately advocates that everyone deserves a plant. When cultivating your own lush corner of life, you’re not alone. Once you’ve singled out the indoor plants and outdoor plants that are ideal for your home, you can rely on our experience and commitment to ship them from our living nursery to your doorstep worry-free. We currently ship to 48 states in the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) with three elegantly simple delivery options, like free Standard delivery within 4-7 business and Expedited (2-3 business days) or Rush (1-2 business days) delivery for an added cost.